Book Review: I Invited Her In by Adele Parks

iinvitedherin‘I invited her in… and she took everything.’

When Mel hears from a long-lost friend in need of help, she doesn’t hesitate to invite her to stay. Mel and Abi were best friends back in the day, sharing the highs and lows of student life, until Mel’s unplanned pregnancy made her drop out of her studies.

Now, seventeen years later, Mel and Abi’s lives couldn’t be more different. Mel is happily married, having raised her son on her own before meeting her husband, Ben. Now they share gorgeous girls and have a chaotic but happy family home, with three children.

Abi, meanwhile, followed her lover to LA for a glamorous life of parties, celebrity and indulgence. Everything was perfect, until she discovered her partner had been cheating on her. Seventeen years wasted, and nothing to show for it. So what Abi needs now is a true friend to lean on, to share her grief over a glass of wine, and to have some time to heal. And what better place than Mel’s house, with her lovely kids, and supportive husband…

This dark, unsettling tale of the reunion of long-lost friends is thoroughly gripping exploration of wanting what you can’t have, jealousy and revenge.


I Invited Her In is the new novel from best-selling author Adele Parks.

Mel and Abigail were friends at university. From the moment Mel met Abi, she was drawn to her. Even when nineteen year old Mel finds out she’s pregnant, Abi is right there with words of support.

Years later, the women reconnect after years of no contact. When Abi e-mails Mel telling her that she’s getting a divorce, Mel is quick to offer Abi a place to stay for a few days. It’s not long before Mel is as enthralled by Abi than she was at university.

Both Abigail and Mel have secrets and they are all about to be revealed.

This story is one of friendships, enemies, revenge, possible dark agendas and betrayal.

Mel is a contented mother of three, happily married to Ben. She doesn’t see the harm inviting her old friend into her home. It’s at this point that the twists and turns of the story begin to appear in quick succession.

The pace was good and I very much got involved with the characters. My allegiance to each one shifted many times in the book.

Some twists I did see coming but some I certainly did not and I liked how this was done. This didn’t ruin the book.

The behaviour of all the characters I found both interesting and frustrating all at the same time. It’s a study as to what people are capable of doing to one another and how it’s not always a good idea to go back to the past as it’s never as it seems.

I can’t say anything else without giving things away. In my opinion, this was a compelling, intense, well thought out novel and a perfect holiday read if you’re planning to escape the threat of cold weather and dark mornings.

I Invited Her In was released by HQ on 20th September 2018. It’s available to buy in most UK bookshops and online. Click to view on Amazon.


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