Edit as You Go

speechbubble-225x300It is becoming clearer to me that, the more of my book I write, the more I am finding that I am the type of writer that needs to get the draft finished before I go back and edit a word. Stopping and reading what I’ve written as I go is only serving to slow me down and it is, a lot.

Each writer handles editing slightly differently and I am always interested to know how each does so because no two answers are the same.

How do you approach editing? Do you wait for a draft? Do you edit as you go?

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Top Five

novelkicksdiscussionsI’ve been trying to complete the GoodReads challenge for a couple of years now (I set a low goal and then reset it too high.) It has got me thinking though, about all the books I have read in my life, so far. There have been dozens, from The Mallory Towers series and The Sweet Valley High books that I used to read religiously when I was at school to now where I have read varied genres. 

I have enjoyed many books (and there haven’t been many where I’ve not managed to get to the end,) and my top five will change on a regular basis. However, when I think about my top five at this moment, they are, in no particular order… 

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Routine or Inspiration?

speechbubble-225x300The more I write, the more it’s becoming obvious to me that I am the kind of writer that needs routine. If I don’t write every day, a week or sometimes a month will pass and my word count will be sat at zero.

There are days when the words pour onto the page and others where even getting to a hundred words is like taking a walk through treacle but it’s still a hundred words more than I had before I started. However, is it a waste of my time to write for the sake of getting words down on paper? Continue reading

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Different Endings?

speechbubbleMany of us have been at the end of a book willing it to end a certain way. Sometimes, it does and then other times, a twist will send it in another direction and we won’t see the ending coming.

Some endings are brilliantly done and others disappoint. I either shut the book happy with how it finished or thinking, ‘I wouldn’t have ended it that way.’

Harry Potter, for me, ended the way I hoped in some ways but I wasn’t ever keen on the ‘many years later,’ chapter. I can understand why JK Rowling decided on that course  but I maybe wouldn’t have gone that far into the future. I loved the end to The Hunger Games trilogy and thought it ended where it should have (although it would have been great to see Peeta completely returned to his old self.)

Which book have you read where you got to the end and thought, I would have ended it differently? Why?

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Third or First Person?

speechbubbleIt’s a decision every writer has to make. Third person or first person? I am going from one to the other at the moment, trying to decide which one fits best and, to be honest, which one I find the easiest to write and I’m at a bit of a loss.

 I find the first person good for getting into the head of my character but is third person better for an inexperienced writer? I’ll write one way for a while and then switch, not being able to decide which one is better for me and which one suits my story. 

Which one do you find the easiest? Do you favour one over the other? 


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Would You Use A Pseudonym?

speechbubblePseudonym’s are used by many authors when publishing work. JK Rowling caused a media storm when she became Robert Galbraith. Was it a publicity stunt or was she simply giving her writing a chance for a fair review?
Ruth Rendell has also been known as Barbara Vine, Charlotte Bronte was Currer Bell and Nicci French is actually the husband and wife team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.
I can see the benefit of pseudonym’s especially if, like Rowan Coleman and Sophie Kinsella, you’re writing in more than one genre.
Have you used a pseudonym? What made you choose to use one? Would you ever consider using one in the future? If so why? If not, why?

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Casting Characters.

speechbubbleDespite the fact that I am at the beginning stages of my novel, I do have an idea of what my characters should look like. I do like to have a visual idea of my characters physical attributes and therefore, I cast them. 

For example, my main character, Carrie, looks a little like Ginnifer Goodwin when she was in Something Borrowed. My male lead is the lovely Tom Hiddleston (not with the Loki haircut though.) Carrie’s ex boyfriend is currently Patrick Dempsey (not that the character is as nice as Dr. Shepherd.) 

I find casting them helps me. Do you cast your characters? Do you find it helps? Do you not cast them and why? 

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Which one?

books-clipartThere are many books that could be put into my top ten (far too many for me to pick just ten.) It depends on my mood. However, not many have stuck with me. I can remember what song I was listening to the most when I read The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. Bridget Jones Diary because, at the time I read it, it struck a chord and I will always have a place for the Malory Towers books as my sister used to read them to me.

Is there one I’d wish I’d written?  I’m pretty sure, somewhere along the line I wished I’d come up with Harry Potter because of the intricate connections between the books. The Help had such strong, female characters. Bridget is such a loveable heroine. I’d like to be able to produce something that have the elements I liked about these books.

Is there one book that you wish you’d written?

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Self Publish or Publisher?

speechbubbleI’m in the middle of writing my first novel. Although I know I shouldn’t get caught up in the publishing side before even finishing the book, it’s hard not to think about it a little.

With the creation and rise of e-books, it’s made publishing and marketing your own novel more accessible.

When the time does come, I’m not sure how I will approach it. Self publishing means that I am not putting myself through possible rejection from publishers and agents. Having said that however, any book benefits from an editor’s eye.

Which one have or would you choose and why? Have you already self published? If so, what are the good and bad points? Do you think a more traditional route is the better option?

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Would You Like To Write A Book?

writeanythingFrom the time I was a small child, I’ve loved creative writing but it wasn’t until I was about eighteen that I thought about writing a whole novel – that the idea that writing one wasn’t just something other people did. So many people claim that they could write a novel but a surprisingly small number actually do. It’s not as easy as it looks when you get down to writing one. 

Since then, there have been so many technological developments. The creation of ebooks has meant that it’s easier to self publish rather than going down the traditional route of finding an agent and then a publisher but both hold their good points and their difficulties. For me, it’s been very easy to get wrapped up in worrying about that stage when I’m still in the middle of writing the novel. 

Are you’re interested in writing a book or do you have one finished? What would you write about? Fiction or nonfiction? How might you get started? Would you rather self-publish or get a book deal with an established publisher? What’s the difference, to you? Is there a downside to self-publishing? 

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Adapting book into film?

3655917-book-pages-film-stripWhen I read, I really tend to get into the story. I imagine what the characters look like, the environment they live in – my brain tries to fill in as much detail as possible. I think that’s why, when I see an adaptation of some of the books which are my favourites, I can be disappointed. The Lovely Bones was an example. I cried my eyes out (on my break whilst at work. It wasn’t my best look,) but the film just wasn’t how I pictured it and plus, some stuff was changed. 

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic was another. I liked the film adaptation but it just wasn’t as magical as the book was when I read it. 

However, Bridget Jones’ Diary is one of my favourite film adaptations along with Harry Potter. 

Which film/book adaptation did you like? Dislike? Is there an adaptation you wished they’d not done or one you hope someone does adapt into a film? 

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Which Book Made You?…

books-clipartI have always been a big reader and would quite happily swop TV for a book. Waterstones have recently asked ‘Which Book Made You?’ 

It got me thinking, Did they mean my favourite? The one that I can’t stop thinking about years after I’ve finished reading? There were a few possible answers for me.

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Who’s Coming To Dinner?

dinnerplatecartoonIt’s a question I ask all of the authors I interview as I am always intrigued by the answer. Everyone’s choices are so varied and different. I have often wondered who I would invite over if I could have a dinner party and invite anyone. 

It changes all the time but I think, at the moment, I would love to invite, John Lennon (I am a Beatles fan and the man fascinates me,) Queen Elizabeth I (the woman was amazing,) JK Rowling (so we could talk about Harry Potter and writing,) and my husband (as he always make me laugh – plus, he’s not a bad cook.) 

Who would you have over to dinner? 

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Music and Books


Music and books are two of my favourite things. Music tends to be on in the background and it’s amazing how much of a help it’s been when I’ve been trying to write. Music can inspire as much as books can. I think my favourite album to write to at the moment is + by Ed Sheeran. How about you? Which songs, artists, albums or types of music do you listen to whilst writing or reading? 

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Why Do You Write?

writer-word-typewriterMany people proclaim at some point that they would like to write a book. A surprising few will then go on to actually write a novel.

Being a writer is not easy. Writing  a novel takes hard work, perseverance and patience.

So…why do you write? What reasons do you have for wanting to become a writer/author?

How do you write? In silence or do you prefer noise? Do you prefer longhand or typing?

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