Book Review: The Days of Our Birth by Charlie Laidlaw

Theirs was the most important relationship of their life…

It was a perfect relationship until time pulled them apart. A beautiful story sensitively told about how love and friendship can conquer everything, including time, to a point.

“The Days of Our Birth” delves into the intricate bond between Peter and Sarah as they navigate their formative years. Spanning from their sixth birthday through two decades, the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Sarah’s placement on the autism spectrum.

With a blend of humour and poignancy, the book intricately weaves together themes of love and friendship, unravelling the tale of two individuals who grapple with their emotions for each other, even though they remain unacknowledged.


In their childhood, Peter and Sarah were neighbours. They also share the same birthday.

With a story that spans twenty years, can the bond they shared survive into adulthood and beyond?

I am very happy to once again be featuring Charlie Laidlaw on Novel Kicks and reviewing his latest novel, The Days of Our Birth.

I’m not going to beat around the bush…. I flipping loved this book along with the two main characters, Sarah and Peter. I’m not sure how I’m going to talk about it without giving too much away but I’m going to give it a go.

Sarah’s development really interested me. I have people in my life that are autistic and I felt that the subject of autism is presented in a sensitive and informative way, teaching us that each person will face their own challenges and way of doing things. The author has created a wonderful character in Sarah and I found her to be strong and endearing as was Peter.

It was great to see how his characterisation unfolded throughout the course of the narrative. Even at a young age, he realises that the friendship he has with his neighbour is special and he tries his hardest to protect her. I loved the scenes he and Sarah had together. I think I can honestly say that they have become one of my favourite fictional duos. When you can sit together and be content, even when there is no conversation, you’re very blessed indeed.

The plot kept my interest all the way through. I do like this type of duel narrative where you get to see the story from multiple points of view – seeing where life has taken each person. I couldn’t stop reading and I didn’t want it to end. I find myself hoping beyond hope that we get a chance to catch up with Sarah and Peter again.

There is such a tenderness to this novel. I think it’s beautifully written. It’s heartwarming, life affirming and a great reminder of how love is one of the best and things you can seek and find.

The themes in this book include ones of friendship and how a strong bond can survive decades. It also looks at love, misunderstandings, family, grief and opening yourself up to life.

If you’re looking for a novel full of warmth, humour and love, look no further than The Days of Our Birth. I adored this novel and I hope you will too.

(Thank you to the author for an advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.)



About Charlie Laidlaw – 

I’m the author of five novels, Being Alert!, Everyday Magic, The Things We Learn When We’re Dead, The Space Between Time, and Love Potions and Other Calamities.

I was born and brought up in the west of Scotland and graduated from the University of Edinburgh. I still have the scroll, but it’s in Latin, so it could say anything.

I then worked briefly as a street actor, baby photographer, puppeteer and restaurant dogsbody before becoming a journalist. I started in Glasgow and ended up in London, covering news, features and politics. I interviewed motorbike ace Barry Sheene, Noel Edmonds threatened me with legal action and, because of a bureaucratic muddle, I was ordered out of Greece.

I then took a year to travel round the world, visiting 19 countries. Highlights included being threatened by a man with a gun in Dubai, being given an armed bodyguard by the PLO in Beirut (not the same person with a gun), and visiting Robert Louis Stevenson’s grave in Samoa. What I did for the rest of the year I can’t quite remember.

Surprisingly, I was approached by a government agency to work in intelligence, which just shows how shoddy government recruitment was back then. However, it turned out to be very boring and I don’t like vodka martini.

​Craving excitement and adventure, I ended up as a PR consultant, which is the fate of all journalists who haven’t won a Pulitzer Prize.

​I’m also married with two grown-up children and live in East Lothian. And that’s about it.

Say hello via my website, Facebook and X.

The Days of Our Birth was released on 27th June 2024. Click to buy on Amazon UK


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