A Risk Worth Sharing by Mollie Blake

Book Review: An Unconventional Affair Book 2, A Risk Worth Sharing by Mollie Blake

Black Opal Books, Jan 2019

This second part of An Unconventional Affair finds Barrington Stone working in Australia for a year. Tranquility “Tee” Hammond, fifteen years his senior, has ended their affair, but for Barrington it was never over. He can’t wait for the year to pass to go back to her. However, after a drunken encounter, with a woman he later discovers is a sex worker, his life is changed forever. How can he possibly leave Australia, now that he has a daughter?

After accepting that Barrington won’t be coming back to the UK, Tee rekindles her relationship with the charming-yet-unconventional Sebastian Chandler, owner of a motorsports racetrack. Although living with Sebastian is “complicated” and life for the couple isn’t perfect, they are settled and Tee is happy.

But everything changes when Barrington returns. Tee’s heart is in turmoil, and Sebastian is afraid he will lose the woman he loves. As the plot thickens and twists unravel, Barrington must decide if there is one risk worth sharing.

An Unconventional Affair Book Two, A Risk Worth Sharing is the latest novel in the Cheshire Love Stories series.

Tranquility ‘Tee’ Hammond has ended her relationship with Barrington Stone. Heartbroken, Barrington focuses on his new temporary job in Australia as he tries to forget the love of his life.

Then he finds out something that will keep him in Australia longer than a year; something that will change his life forever.

Tee, also brokenhearted finds comfort in the arms of an old friend, Sebastian.

Years later, when Barrington returns to the UK, Tee doesn’t know how to handle it.

Sebastian also senses the threat.

Can Tee and Barrington be together again?

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