Blog Tour: Excalibur by Peter Gibbons

Book Review: Excalibur by Peter Gibbons

We’re happy to be welcoming Peter Gibbons to Novel Kicks and the blog tour for his novel, Excalibur.

The sword has the power of Britain in its steel, men will follow and fight for whoever wields it…

Dark Age Britain. A legendary hero rises to unite a divided and threatened land…

A country left in ruins after the fall of the Roman Empire is plundered and broken. Saxon hordes have invaded and conquered the East coast of Britain in a blood-soaked Great War which tore the old kingdoms apart. From Bernicia to Kent, land and kingdoms are now under Saxon rule. But these new conquerors want more…

Britain’s remaining kingdoms are jaded by the constant threat of war, their Kings old, alliances fickle and frayed. It seems Britain must fall enslaved to the brutal and marauding conquerors from across the sea.

But no one counted on a new and fearsome warlord. A warrior granted power by the druid Merlin through the mighty sword Excalibur. A man with no Kingdom but a quest to unite the country and fight back against the baying Saxon warriors? He is known as the legendary Arthur.

The compelling, fast-paced start of a brand new series from bestselling writer Peter Gibbons. Perfect for the fans of Bernard Cornwall.


Arthur, an orphaned boy raised by one of Britain’s greatest warriors sets out to prove that he is a man by killing his first enemy in battle, but after meeting the Druid Merlin, he finds that the course of his future is not truly in his own hands.

Gifted the mighty sword Excalibur, he must ride to unite Britain and defeat the Saxons. 

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