Blog Tour: Happy Ever After at Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton

Book Review: Happy Ever After at Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton

I’m pleased to be welcoming Della Galton back to Novel Kicks and the blog tour for her novel, Happy Ever After at Puddleduck Farm.

When life throws up the unexpected, can Phoebe hold strong?

In the idyllic setting of the New Forest, talented vet Phoebe Dashwood envisions a picturesque life alongside her beloved fiancé. However, the course of true love is fraught with unexpected hurdles.

Career wise, Phoebe encounters a goat who is seemingly experiencing a phantom pregnancy, and a highly-strung talking parrot who pushes her professionalism to the limits.

Things take an unexpected turn for the worse when Phoebe is confronted with a glamorous love rival, and a surprise Valentine’s Day ‘date’ to see a financial advisor! Can things get any worse?

When tragedy strikes Phoebe realises that nothing in life should be taken for granted and fears she will lose everything she holds dear.

Whilst her friends find their own happy endings, Phoebe is beset with doubts that she and Sam will ever find theirs. Is love enough to carry them into the future they deserve?


Phoebe Dashwood is in love with Sam and runs a successful veterinary practice. However, when a new dog trainer makes her feel a little threatened in regards to her relationship she doesn’t quite know how to feel about it. Also the extra pressure to move out of Woodcutters Cottage isn’t helping.

Can Phoebe and Sam navigate the next part of their lives in one piece?

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