Blog Tour: In The Mood by M W Arnold

Book Review: In The Mood by M W Arnold

I am so excited to be welcoming M W Arnold back to Novel Kicks. He’s here with the blog tour for his new novel, In the Mood. 

During a hectic couple of weeks in February 1944, the girls of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club must face devastating personal loss amongst their number. A member of an illegal faction blackmails Betty, whilst a mystery at Mary’s ancestral home threatens to cause more trouble than anyone thought possible.

In the midst of what should be the happiest of times, the portents seem to be catching up and little is what it seems to be.

Can the girls find the strength to battle forces both internal and external, yet still maintain their dignity and friendship?


It’s 1944 and after loosing one of their own, another member of the ATA mystery club finds herself being blackmailed whilst another finds herself in a mystery surrounding her honeymoon. Can these ladies solve the puzzles and keep themselves out of danger?

I was so pleased to be invited onto the blog tour for In The Mood, the latest book in the Broken Wings series as it meant I was reunited once again with the ladies from the ATA.

Four books in and it really feels like I’m catching up with old friends. There is not one of these characters I don’t like but I do have a soft spot for Doris and with what Bobby the dog goes through, I wanted to jump into the book and hurt the villains responsible and I’m not usually a violent person.

This fourth instalment is just as gripping as its three predecessors. Although there were some heartbreaking moments in this book, overall there is such a wonderful feeling of warmth, friendship, love and humour weaved into the heart of this novel. The characters really feel like one big family.

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