Blog Tour: Love Blossoms at Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton

Book Review: Love Blossoms at Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton

Love Blossons at Puddleduck farmI’m so pleased to be welcoming Della Galton back to Novel Kicks. She’s here with the blog tour for her latest novel, Love Blossoms at Puddleduck Farm.

How can life be too busy for love?

Phoebe Dashwood is living the dream. She’s running her own successful vet practice, Puddleduck Vets, alongside her grandmother’s animal sanctuary.

She’s also dating the gorgeous, yet slightly broken Rufus Holt, the most eligible bachelor in the New Forest.
So why isn’t she blissfully happy?

Both Phoebe and Rufus are consumed 24/7 by their own commitments. Their relationship is always last on the list.
Phoebe juggles quirky, yet demanding clients and their pets whilst widowed Rufus is consumed by his anxieties, responsibilities of fatherhood and the unenviable tasks of being a Lord in waiting with a huge estate to manage.

Phoebe knows that when you’re a vet, there isn’t always a happy ending. But will there be a happy ending for Phoebe, Rufus and everyone else at Puddleduck Farm?

Is it ever really possible to have it all?


Things seem to be going well for Phoebe Dashwood. Her Veterinary Practice is doing well and she is now in a relationship with Rufus Holt, the handsome lord of the manor. 

However, as both of them try to balance their work and relationship, can it survive? 

It was so lovely to be able to catch up with Phoebe, Maggie and all the people at and around Puddleduck Farm. 

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