Blog Tour: The Little Theatre on Halfpenny Lane by Clodagh Murphy

Book Review: The Little Theatre on Halfpenny Lane by Clodagh Murphy

It is my pleasure to welcome Clodagh Murphy to Novel Kicks. She’s here with the blog tour for her novel, The Little Theatre on Halfpenny Lane. 

 Aoife and her sisters know exactly what to do when they inherit their Great-aunt Detta’s theatre on Halfpenny Lane:

  • Restore the dilapidated building to its former glory.
  • Perform together on its stage to packed houses and rapturous applause.
  • Live happily ever after.

But they didn’t count on Detta leaving a share in the theatre to her godson, Jonathan. Now they’ll have to persuade him to buy into their vision of stardust and magic – or find the money to buy him out.

As they fight to save the theatre, Aoife also battles her growing feelings for Jonathan. Because she can’t let herself fall for the man who’s about to bring the curtain down on their dreams.


Aoife, Mimi and Sive have always had the impression that they’d inherit their Great-Aunt Detta’s theatre on Halfpenny Lane. However, they had not counted on Jonathan, Detta’s Godson inheriting a share.

Now, in order to save their beloved theatre and restore it to its former glory, they either have to convince Jonathan to remain a willing investor or buy him out.

Can they save their theatre or will they lose their dream?

This book was my introduction to Clodagh Murphy and I was excited to be invited onto the blog tour for the Little Theatre on Halfpenny Lane.

I read this novel in one sitting. I couldn’t stop reading. I instantly fell in love with these characters and the setting. I could picture The Halfpenny Theatre and the charm it holds. I could see the stage, the rows of chairs and the overall atmosphere. I wanted it saved.

The plot moves well and Clodagh Murphy’s writing style makes it easy to fall into this novel and get invested in the story. Will they or won’t they save the theatre?

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