Blog Tour: Time Waits for No One by M W Arnold

Book Spotlight: Time Waits for No One by M W Arnold

I’m beyond excited to be welcoming M W Arnold back to Novel Kicks. Today, I’m shining a spotlight on his latest novel, Time Waits for No One, book five in the Broken Wings series. 

It’s April 1944, England is preparing to take the war back into Europe and the girls of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club become mixed up in a desperate fight to save a dear friend from forces who would threaten the very existence of the country.

The girls find solace in their deep friendship, even though the presence of a Nazi spy ring threatens their essential war work and their very lives.

Can love blossom through a fortunate meeting, and will they survive a period where life seems determined to put them in mortal danger? The girls find the strength to battle through all the war throws at them, whilst still keeping a stiff upper lip, a witty repartee, and unbreakable spirit.


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