Book News: Get 20% off Used Books with Novel Kicks and Awesome Books.

Book News: Get 20% off Used Books with Novel Kicks and Awesome Books.

Happy Christmas Eve!

Can you believe that Christmas is upon us? I can’t either.

Soon, we will have opened all of our presents, had our Christmas dinners before relaxing into the evening.

If you’re a book lover, like me, and are wondering how to spend your Christmas money, I wanted to tell you about Awesome Books. They sell both new and used books across a variety of genres.

They are a sustainable bookseller that aims to make a positive impact with every book sold and is one of the UK’s biggest online and second hand book retailers. In fact, since they launched in 2004, they’ve saved 132 million books globally from landfill. How amazing is that!

Along with this, they want to promote literacy. To help with this, they currently have a ‘buy one, give one‘ initiative, supporting the National Literacy Trust.

I was personally very excited and thankful to receive Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella from Awesome Books.

I love that it is secondhand. I like to imagine who it previously belonged to. It’s also in VERY good condition.

As a Christmas present to you all, Awesome Books want to give Novel Kicks readers and supporters 20% off used books from their site.

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