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Ellie Campbell Pam and Lorraine 41Y8kwuIf5LPam, one half of the sisterly writing duo who writes under the pseudonym Ellie Campbell, talks about her favourite novel. Over to you, Pam.

My favourite book is Compromising Positions by Susan Isaacs.

I sound like an old record when I talk to people about this novel but it’s always by my bed when I need cheering up.  Written by Susan Isaacs it tells the story of Judith Singer – a Long Island ex-journalist now housewife who turns super-sleuth when she finds out that the local dentist has been murdered.

It’s got such fabulous humour all the way through and yet there’s a believable plot. Susan’s writing is phenomenal, witty, full of twists and turns, funny, insightful.  You can turn to any page and in seconds you’ll find yourself laughing out loud, or identifying with the lead character. As the book goes on, Judith can’t leave the investigation alone and keeps putting herself in dangerous circumstances.

There’s also a good part of the novel that deals with some very real life issues.  Judith’s basically bored in her marriage.  Her husband works long hours.  Their sex is tepid, predictable and routine.  Continue reading

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