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Christmas Gift Guide 2023 – Ideas for Readers

I do love a good gift guide as I personally find them so helpful when I’m stuck on what to get people and, as this is a blog for writers and readers, I wanted to share five items that I’ve found that I think would be perfect for the book lover in your life. 


Penguin Book Print. 

The first item is something that I’ve always wanted but never managed to get and that is this classic Penguin book cover print.

There’s something so timeless about these covers and there are so many to choose from, from Jane Austen to Graham Greene.

I think these would look so beautiful up on the wall and it’s a great way to share your favourite classic Penguin novel. 

You can buy these prints from Penguin by clicking here. 


Interesting Stories about Curious Words by Susie Dent. 

What lover of books doesn’t love, well, a book? I’m a great fan of interesting words and came across this non fiction book from Susie Dent, known as the oracle from Countdown’s dictionary corner. 

If your loved one is anything like me, I enjoy finding unusual words and their definitions and think this book is perfect for that. What do you think? 

You can buy this book by clicking here and heading to The Literary Gift Company website. 


Popsy Teacups Print Notebook. 

Popsy Clothing is a brand I adore and I will always do what I can to spread the Popsy love. There is almost always a literature/bookish themed top available on the site. The tops are good quality, are so comfortable, are long and the best thing of all, the tops have POCKETS!!! I know! 

However, the product I wanted to share is this beautiful Teacups Print Notebook. Maybe the bibliophile  you know is wanting to make notes or is part of a book club and needs somewhere to make notes about their book of the month? Or they like making a note of passages, words or quotes they particularly liked.

This notebook is A5 and has 90 lined pages.

Click here to head over to Popsy Clothing.


The Book Lover’s 2024 Calendar. 

Who doesn’t love a good Calendar and this one from the Calendar club is so pretty.

This square calendar has stunning illustrations of book covers from novels like Jane Eyre, A Catcher in the Rye and 1984.

It is a 12 month calendar and is a Monday start.

This product is going on my Christmas list.

You can get this from The Calendar Club.


Book Journal. 

Finally, I wanted to share this book journal from Papier.

This is another brand I’ve used and loved in the past and this journal looks stunning. 

It’s the perfect way to keep track of the books you’ve read. Like the notebook from Popsy I shared, this would be good if you’re doing a reading challenge and want to make notes on the books you read or it could be a great companion if you or a loved one are  a member of a book club and want it to make notes for the catch up.

It also has a few pages to add your book wish list.

Whatever the purpose, this journal looks perfect. 

You can buy it from Papier. 


As with the writers gift guide, click here to read it, I hope you’ve found this list inspiring. Let me know in the comments below if there’s been a product mentioned that’s filled that hole in your present list. 


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Christmas Gift Guide 2023 – Ideas for Writers

It’s my favourite time of year again. National Novel Writing Month is done, the Christmas decorations are up and I’m singing Last Christmas very much out of tune. 

As both an avid reader and writer, I love getting related items and I wanted to share some gift ideas for the writer in your life. 


First up is a Writers Box. 

This Writers Box looks fantastic and seems to have everything a writer might need to assist them in a good session getting those words written.

It includes a handmade notebook, coaster, bookmark, miniature handmade book of quotes from famous writers about writing. a pen and some treats. It looks perfect.

You can order this via Etsy. 


Writing Workbook by Lucy Van Smit.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Writing workbook. It’s a perfect thing to have if the brain needs a little time to fire up and having a prompt will help. This book is one I’ve not come across before and it would be on my list for sure. 

This book aims to champion the journey a writer make take in their writing life. It asks the tricky questions, shares some secret practices, and inspires confidence. This isn’t a book about getting published, it’s about helping you find your writing voice, trust in your writing and creativity.

What about you? Do you like a good workbook? 

You can buy it via Amazon. 


Writing Magazine. 

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Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Stocking Fillers for Writers and Readers

It’s that time of year. In fact, it’s my favourite time of the year.. Christmas.

I am one of those people who likes finding presents for family and friends. I will sit for hours trying to find the perfect something – a gift they would like.

As I have been doing my own shopping, I have found some perfect stocking fillers related to writing or books so I have put together a gift guide.

If you’re struggling to find a present for the writer or reader in your life (or, if you want to observe the law of Christmas present shopping where you should buy something for yourself as well as for others. OK, I made that up but it’s a nice tradition to start right?)

I have tried to find things that are under £20 so let’s get straight to the guide.*



Literary Cat Mug – The Literary Gift Company – £13.99.

Words can’t describe how much I love this mug and it is going on my Christmas list for sure. This mug features nine cat silhouettes and kitty related quotes from people like Emily Bronte, L.M Montgomery and Winston Churchill.

It’s so pretty and for anyone who wants to know, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe too. If, like me, you or your gift recipient is a writer, reader or cat lover (or all three,) this mug is perfect.



100 Books Scratch Bucket List Poster – Gift Republic via Not on The High Street – £12.99.


I love these type of posters and really want one. This one in particular compiles a hundred of the best novels and, if you’ve not already guessed, you can scratch off the books as you read.

This poster features classic novels like Murder on the Orient Express and Great Expectations to more recent books like The Help, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Handmaid’s Tale. This would make a great reading challenge for the new year if you or someone you know have wanted to read some of the greats but haven’t know where to begin.


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Novel Kicks Gift Guide For Readers

The tree is up and decorated, Christmas lights have taken over my house and the Christmas novels and mugs have come out.

As my favourite time of year approaches, I, like everyone else am Christmas shopping. I want to continue my tradition of doing a ‘book lovers’ gift guide (a writing themed one will come later in the week.)

If you’re still looking for a gift for the bookworm in your life, I hope the suggestions below may prove to be the perfect present.

First of all, for anyone you know (or for yourself as it is Christmas gift buying law that you should buy a present for yourself,) that is a fan of Twilight. It’s been ten years since the first film was released and to mark this occasion, a 11 DVD box set has been released (or 6 discs if you prefer Bluray.)

The Twilight Complete Collection 10th Anniversary Special edition includes the four movies and their bonus content. It also includes an additional three hours of bonus content including ‘Twilight Tour: Ten years on’ which is a tour around the filming locations with a cast member. As well as this, there are cast interviews, a red carpet feature and a talk with Stephanie Meyer.

It is the perfect Christmas present for any Twilight fan.

(The Twilight Complete Collection 10th Anniversary Special edition is out now on DVD and Bluray.)


I had a chance to briefly visit the British Library recently. Having never been before, I absolutely fell in love with the building. Having a look at their shop online, they have many things that would make perfect gifts for readers.

One thing I did pick up on my visit was The Christmas Card Crime. It is a collection of stories that explores the darker side of the festive season (I love this cover too.)

Other products include homeware and stationery. Letters To My Future Self caught my eye. This is a great idea and would make a lovely stocking filler.

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Christmas: My Gift Guide For The Reader or Writer in Your Life

normal_bespoke-book-clubHere’s my Gift Guide for 2017.

I can’t quite believe it’s time for another gift guide. It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that I compiled the one for last year. I love looking at people’s various gift guides as you’ll possibly come across the perfect present for someone.

This guide is for writers and readers and I’ve picked some things I know I would love to receive.

The first gift I have found is this fantastic Bespoke Book Subscription from The Willoughby Book Club.

There are options for a three, six or twelve month subscription. It’s tailored to the person getting the subscription so whether the book lover in your life is into romance, classics, mystery or sci-fi, this subscription has you covered.

It comes in a gift tin with details on how the subscription can be activated and each month, a new book will arrive gift wrapped.

Book_Lover_Pencil_Set_1_1024xWhat I absolutely love about this particular subscription is that for every one sold, Willoughby Book Club donates a new book to the Book Aid International charity.

These pencils I think would make a wonderful stocking filler for the reader and writer in your life. This very cute and colourful book lover pencil set are five 2B lead pencils.

Embossed with gold foil, each one has a different phrase: ‘Just one more chapter,’ ‘Read More Books,’ ‘I like Big Books,’ ‘I’d rather be reading,’ and finally the classic ‘Once Upon a Time.’

There’s also a handy eraser on the end of each pencil. These particular ones are available via The Literary Emporium.

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Christmas – My 2016 Gift Guide For Writers

asos-agendaWith the days before Christmas creeping into single digits, it’s time to get those last-minute presents. It seems to have snuck up doesn’t it!
As someone who would love to write a book and continues to try, I am stupidly obsessed with any gift that is along the writing theme. Here are a few things I think would make excellent gifts for the writer in your life. Or, if you’re a writer yourself, something to suit you. After all, it is the law of Christmas present buying that you should buy something for yourself right?
(I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. I just think the items would make excellent gifts. OK, so I want all of these things too but that is not the point. Ha-ha.) If you’re needing some inspiration, I am hoping this list helps.

The first item/gift idea I found was this very cute Pink Agenda from Ohh Dear and is available via ASOS for £9.99. First it is pink so that is me pretty much sold.
It looks as though it is compact enough to fit into a handbag plus it is not date specific so you can begin to use it at pusheenany point in time you want to.
It’s a day a page. You have space for your daily objectives as well as appointments. There is even space for doodles.
This would suit a writer who loves lists and liked to be organised.

Next up is this very adorable Pusheen stationery set from John Lewis and is £9. Pusheen is so incredibly cute (I won’t mention that I thought Pusheen was a boy until someone corrected me.)
I am such a sucker for stationery sets such as this and would love it when I was still at school. Beginnings of term usually meant I could go out in search of sets like this. Yes, I am Laura and I love all things stationery.
This particular set contains an ‘I’m Busy’ notebook, a pen, pencils, highlighters, an eraser and a sharpener all presented in a plastic wallet. What I love most about sets like this is that it is fun and reminds you as such when you use it. If your writer is also a fan of Pusheen then this is a must have.

get-things-doneI couldn’t do a gift guide for writers and not include something from one of my favourite shops on the planet. This Get  Things Done journal is £8 from Paperchase.
The cover is so cute and it’s a hardcover so to me it feels like it would withstand being in a bag. Inside there are various to do list sections, daily planners and get it done pages as well as lined and gridded sheets for notes should you need to make any. There are fifty sheets (so one hundred pages,) and has an elasticated closure.
I feel this would be perfect for someone who takes on their novel in 2017.

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