Fiona Gibson/Take Mum Out Blog Tour

Blog Tour: Take Mum Out by Fiona Gibson

Take Mum OutTake Mum Out is a wonderful summer read. 

Review by Laura. 

Take Mum Out is about a woman called Alice who is fast approaching her fortieth birthday.  She is the mother of two teenage boys, Logan and Fergus and she has her own business.

Her three friends decide that it’s time that she got back into the dating game and each decide to set her up with someone they think would be perfect for her. Cue three first blind dates where she meets Giles, Stephen and Charlie.

I am not a mum so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to relate to this book. Truth was, I couldn’t put it down. It was charming, funny, warm and very nice to read. Alice was a great character and I warmed to her straight away. She was funny and is cooler than she thinks she is. She is a strong woman. I liked this. I liked the fact that Alice didn’t feel as though she desperately wanted to get back into dating but saw it as an adventure.

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Take Mum Out Blog Tour: We chat to Fiona Gibson.

We’re delighted to be part of Fiona’s blog tour for her new book, Take Mum Out which is published by Avon today. 

fionagibsonFiona Gibson is also the author of other titles including The Great Escape and Mum on the Run. We will be reviewing Take Mum Out later today but first, we chat to Fiona about her new book, her favourite night out and her advice for writers. 


Can you tell us about your book, Take Mum Out? 

Alice is a single mum to two teenage boys. Although she’s not desperate to meet a man, her three best friends have other ideas. They hatch a plan where they’ll each present her with an eligible, hand-picked man – all Alice has to do is choose her favourite. This book was huge fun to write, as there are first date horrors galore – plus, Alice has to deal with her sons’ scathing remarks, who can’t understand why she wants a boyfriend at all.  ‘Presumably,’ she says, ‘I should interact only with tradespeople and the staff at Tesco Metro.’


What would be your idea of a perfect night out? 

A few G&Ts in the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh – they have a mind-boggling selection of gins! Then dinner at somewhere like The Dogs, which is lively, fun and delicious. And my best friends from London would have come up for the occasion.

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