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Competitions: September’s Mystery Book

rp_Mystery-Competition-300x1931-300x193-300x1931-300x1931-300x193-300x1931.jpgFancy a book surprise through your letterbox? Welcome to September’s Mystery Book Competition.

Many of us judge books by their covers and make our choices based on that and the accompanying blurb. Our competition adds a little mystery.

The prize for this competition is a book but the identity of that book will not be revealed until the lucky winner receives it. It could be a recent new release or a well-known classic. Who knows? We may reveal the genre but the book title is a surprise. If you feel like having a guess in the meantime though, that’s OK, just comment below (you don’t need to guess to enter. You just need to leave your name. The guessing is just for fun.)

All we will reveal about September’s choice is this book includes a murder mystery. The main protagonist is an interesting narrator who likes investigating, lists and patterns. This has been described as a remarkable book.

How to enter:

Comment on this post before the closing date which is Tuesday 29th September 2015 at 23.59. One winner will then be chosen at random from the entrants and announced on the Novel Kicks blog on Wednesday 30th September 2015. If you fancy having a go at guessing what book it could be, that’s OK too although it’s not compulsory.

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