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My Back To School Stationery Wish List

polka dot pensAs you may have guessed, I have a bit of an obsession with stationery. There is nothing like a new notebook or finding a nice pen.

I did used to dread September and having to go back to school after having six weeks off. The one thing I did look forward to though was the chance to go shopping for all the back to school supplies – you know; the beautiful rucksack that costs more than your pocket money allowed or the five pack of pritt stick your brain convinces you that you’re going to need for the new year at school and will then spend the next nine months in the back of your draw.

As we’re nearing September, I wanted to share my wish list for back to school stationery. I can still want all these even though I’m not at school anymore and haven’t been for a while right? Please? Pretty please? (I’ve tried to include links as I love posts like this and I like knowing where I can get things if any of the items takes my fancy.)

The first item I’ve chosen for my back to school wish list are these Polka Dot Gel Pens from Paperchase (I could seriously spend all my money in that place if I didn’t stop myself. Somehow I don’t think my lack of rent money would be appreciated though.)
What I love about these is that they are so colourful. You have green, purple, blue, red and yellow so if you’re like me and you like to use various colours to brighten up a planner or a notebook then these are perfect.
They are soft grip and retractable too so perfect for those long note taking sessions.
(A pack of five is £4.00 at http://www.paperchase.co.uk)


purr maidsThe second thing on my wish list is also from Paperchase and it is this Purr Maids A5 subject notebook.
This collection from Paperchase I think is among my favourites. It’s cats. That’s me pretty much sold. It’s so cute and like the pens, it’s very bright and colourful.
What I like about this notebook is that it has five sections with colourful dividers so you can keep all your notes for each subject separate and organised.
There are 100 sheets (so 200 pages.) It’s close ruled paper and it’s spiral bound which I find easier to use if taking notes (especially if you need to remove any. It really irritates me when I have to rip a page out of a notebook and it leaves a messy heap of the page behind.)
(Purr Maids Subject A5 notebook is from Paperchase and is £8: http://www.paperchase.co.uk)

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Wish List – Journals

I am stationery crazy. I can spend hours in a stationary shop browsing the shelves of notebooks and journals. My love for all things notebooks and pens is bordering on obsession. My bank balance never likes me after one of these visits. One thing I have always tried to maintain is a journal and there are some beautiful journals available.

We’ve had a look around the internet. Here are five of our favourite journals.


5 year journal

The Q&A A Day Journal is a five-year diary. With a section for each year, it’s easy to keep a small record of your thoughts and then look back at them as each year passes. Each page has a specific question (some of them unusual.) I have this journal and it’s fun to use. I love this. It’s available from Potter Style and it’s currently £10.34. Continue reading

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Books To Movies – Part Two.

Films being adapted into movies.

Last week we listed some of our favourite book to movie adaptations. With so many books still being the inspiration for movies, there are quite a few being adapted into films over the coming year. Here are some of the ones we’re looking forward to seeing.


The Fault in Our Stars.

Fault_in_our_starsAdapted from the novel of the same name by John Green, this is about Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters who meet at a Kids Cancer Support Group. The two teenagers bond over many things, including the novel, An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. I am fairly new to John Green’s novels and blogs but from the moment I began reading this book last year, I fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful, bittersweet love story and proof that young adult novels don’t have to be confined that audience. I am looking forward to seeing this adaptation. Anyone who follows John Green’s ‘Vlog Brothers’ posts will know that Green has been a regular visitor to the set. This has somehow given me confidence that the movie is being done right. The trailer had an enormous amount of hits within twenty-four hours of its release and it looks great. The film will star Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace, Ansel Elgorth as Augustus and Willem Defoe as Peter Van Houten. It’s due for release in June 2014.

(Temple Hill Entertainment/20th Century Fox.)

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Our Favourite Things: Book to Film Adaptations

 It was hard to pick but here are some of our favourite book to film adaptations. 

10thingstamingI love books. I try to read the book before I see a movie else I can’t form it properly in my imagination and it spoils the book if I do then try to read it. I prefer the stories in book form but these are five of the adaptations we think were great. 


The Taming of The Shrew/10 Things I Hate About You.

Yes, OK, this is essentially a teen movie adapted from one of the great Shakespearian plays. It’s been given a modern twist and is set in a Seattle high school but I just happen to think it’s a great film. There were many Shakespeare references too, (Stafford sisters.)  Of course it’s not a serious film (the part with Can’t Take My Eyes off You is testament to that,) but it’s funny and by the end, you have a warm fuzzy heart-warming feeling. Plus there was Heath Ledger. It was worth watching just for him.  A fun, tongue in cheek, light-hearted adaptation that you can re-watch and still love – definitely one of our favourites.

(The Taming of the Shrew: William Shakespeare, Folger Shakespeare Library. 10 Things I Hate About You: Touchstone/Buena Vista, 1999.)



shawshankcoverRita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption/The Shawshank Redemption.

This film was adapted from the novella by Stephen King. Although The Green Mile was Continue reading

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Favourite Character Names

Five of our favourite character names.

There have been many characters with great names over the years. Who would not have a soft spot for a bad boy named Rupert Campbell Black? Or want to look after a boy called Pip? Here are five of our favourites. Which ones would you add? 


Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind, MGM (1939.)

Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind, MGM (1939.)

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Book Themed Necklaces

Five Literary Themed Necklaces.

There are some wonderful literary themed jewellery available and they can make lovely, unique gifts for people who are into books. With it being Valentines Day tomorrow, here are five that would be on my wish list.


carry your heart necklace

I thought this necklace was beautiful. It quotes one of my favourite poems (which I have to admit, I first heard a Cameron Diaz film,) i carry your heart  by e.e. cummings. It’s handmade too. It’s available from Etsy for £19.81.  Continue reading

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My Favourite Leading Men.

My five favourite heroes of literature.

Throughout history, there have been many literary heroes in many different plots and portrayed in a variety of ways. Fictional heroes can inspire you, anger, frustrate or make you fall in love with them as much as any real, living and breathing person can do. When I came to looking at the male heroes, there are many to pick from and it was a struggle to pick five.

What do you think? Do you agree with my five? Who would you add?


Mr Darcy/Mark Darcy (Pride & prejudice by Jane Austen & Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding.)

Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. BBC.

Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. BBC.

I couldn’t really compile a list where Darcy wouldn’t feature. He is one of my favourite literary men of all time. Whether it’s Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice or Mark in Bridget Jones’ Diary, he is a hero of mine because he is a gentleman. He loves Elizabeth/Bridget and he’s endearing even though he isn’t forthcoming with his feelings to begin with. He’s the nice guy. Unlike Daniel/Wickham, he is  the dependable one and the character I trust.  I love him.

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Five Bookmarks

We love these five bookmarks.  

I have almost as big an obsession with bookmarks as I do with books. I am not the kind of reader that likes to turn down corners (although it does occasionally happen,) and I am always on the look out for pretty or cute ones. These bookmarks would be some of the ones on our wish list… 


These book clips are just adorable. I love them. Available from Etsy (Imaginative One,) they are a bargain at just a £1 each (before postage) and there are four designs: Heart, Flower, Gift or Cupcakes. 

Pink Bookmark


These are just brilliant. We love Jane Austen Continue reading

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Book Themed Phone Cases

Five Book Themed Phone Cases.

I love books. I also have an equal obsession with my phone (and sadly, am usually not far away from it. I blame smartphones.) Although I will never completely go over to electronic books, the book app on my phone does make it very easy to sneak in a page or two of a book whenever I get a moment. Today, I’ve combined the two and found some beautiful phone cases (for iPhone and Samsung) with a bookish related theme and that would be on my wish list.


This lovely case (for a Galaxy S3,) features a wooden bookshelf full of books. You can even customise it and it’s perfect for book lovers. This is the kind of book shelf I wish I had space for in my house (although I am almost there with all the books currently stored in the garage.) This case is available from Zazzle for £38.95. There is also a similar cover available for iPhone if you like the vintage book shelf look which is £39.95 from Zazzle, this one is available for the 5, 5s and 5c.

samsung vintage

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Practical Bags For Writers On The Go

I do like to take my computer out and work with a change of scenery. I take my iPad everywhere. My laptop also frequently travels with me and so I like to transport them in something that’s not bulky. Then there is the problem of all the other stuff in your bag damaging your laptop or tablet. If you’re anything like me, I struggle to find bags that are suitable for writers on the go. Our spotlight today falls on a selection of lovely bags from Knomo that are perfect for writers – whether it’s for a christmas gift or a treat for yourself….

The Cavendish tote is made from saffiano leather and comes with a removable quilted laptop sleeve (which snaps into the side of the bag.) It’s perfect for carrying your day-to-day belongings as well as the all-important laptop (and that sleeve will mean it won’t get damaged.) It fits up to 14″ laptop and is available in marine, black or black cherry. It’s currently £169.00 from Knomo.



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Win this cute home bookmark from Izzy’s Attic….


Thanks to the wonderful Izzy’s Attic, we’ve got this beautiful red home bookmark to give away as well as a copy of Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (as they go so well together,) to one lucky winner.



Penguin, 2013.

To enter:

Comment on this post with your name, town and just for fun, tell us who your favourite book character is and why. The closing date for entries will be Sunday 23rd June 2013 at 23.59. A winner will be picked at random from the entrants and announced on the Novel Kicks blog on Monday 24th June 2013.

The bookmarks are available to buy direct from Izzy’s Attic.

To learn more about Izzy’s fantastic charity Eyes Light, click here.

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A Notebook for writing inspiration.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have an obsession with stationery particularly notebooks. I have many dotted around at home (most with scribbles occupying a couple of pages and then the rest is blank – a sure way to know that I had moved on to another notebook I simply couldn’t be without.)

A writer can’t ever have enough notebooks right?



This one I like. It’s from Blottshop.com and it’s £4.00. I love inspirational quotes and this one will come in handy if I were trying to write my novel in it. Blott have some stores in the UK too. I walked into the one at Meadowhall and had to eventually drag myself out of there forty minutes later. It’s amazing!





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