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My Five Favourite Inspiring Quotes for Writing

I have to admit, I am a sucker for quotes especially inspiring ones. I have many pinned up around my computer and I write a few in my notebook if I find one I particularly like. For me, they are important especially if I am having one of those days where writers block is rampant. They just give me that little bit of a positive push to keep going and write through any block I may have in my head. I have picked out five of my favourites.


tumblr_n70jdhtcex1sag14uo1_500‘The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you did not write.’ 

I am not sure of the origin of this quote but it is so true. I have not done a lot of writing lately and the one thing that makes you a better writer is practise. You can’t edit nothing after all. You need something on the page and I think this quote hits the nail on the head.


‘A word, after a word, after a word is power.’ 

journal3I have seen this quote by Margaret Atwood many times and I love it. I am not sure why but to me, it is very very true. One word leads to another and then another and then another and before you know it, you have a first draft. The Handmaid’s Tale is also one of my favourite books so what better than to take inspiration with a quote like this.


‘Where’s the fun without a bit of risk?’ 

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