My Favourites: My Latest Stationery Haul

Uni-ball Air PenStationery, stationery, stationery. Beautiful stationery. I’ve gone a little mad over the last few weeks. I am all about finding things that are going to make my life a little easier or just buying stationery because it is so pretty. I have to make sure I use them though. My pile of new notebooks gets bigger by the week and yet I can’t stop buying stuff.


Uni-ball ‘Air’ Pen.

My first favourite stationery item that I’ve got is this pen from Uni-ball. It’s the Air pen and it writes like a fountain pen. I was in the supermarket and was just, cough, browsing the stationary section when i can across these pens.

I do love writing with fountain pens. I always have done ever since I was a kid. This was why these pens caught my eye.

I really like these pens. They are not as fine as my fountain pen (I think it would be impossible for a rollerball to be) but it is the next best thing if you want something to have handy to write notes with but don’t want to bother with a proper fountain pen.


Blue Sky Day DesignerThis brings me onto the Blue Sky Day Designer.

My pen is resting on the Day Designer from Blue Sky. I am a big hoarder of diaries. I find it hard to find one that fits the exact thing I am looking for in a diary. I like to keep up with everything that is going on (and I need a lot of help in that department as I will think I will remember what I am doing and then I will forget something,) but I also like enough notes pages for ideas and lists.

I saw this diary pop up in a YouTube video and managed to get one via Ebay.

What I love about this diary is that there a section for appointments but there is also a section for to do’s (heaven.) There are also plenty of blank pages for notes at the back as well as a monthly glance page which is handy for blogging.

Where this was brought from America it does have the American holidays instead of the British ones but that is not a big deal. There is also not a lot of space where the weekends are listed but it’s my ongoing battle with diaries and working weekends.

The blue is beautiful. It is also small enough to fit in my bag. Overall it’s all I need in a diary.


Personalised Notebook. (Made By Ellis via Not On The Highstreet, £9.95.)

Personalised Notebook

The next thing I have brought this month is probably one of my favourite purchases ever. I love personalised stationery and couldn’t resist this when I was browsing Not On The High Street.

It’s from a shop called Made By Ellis and I adore it. The cover is really good quality and I got to pick what personalisation I wanted. As my column on here is My Writing Ramblings, I chose, Laura’s Ramblings (can you see what I did there.)

The paper is lined and is lovely quality and it slips very easily into my bag. The typewriter design was just perfect for me too and for any writer.




Secret Garden (WH Smith, £9.99) and Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It Notebook (Paperchase, £3.50)

Mini JournalsI continue the obsession with notebooks. I am not sure I can get through a month without buying at least one. No wonder I am skint. Hahaha.

Aside from the notebook above, these two are my favourite this month. I really love the Secret Garden series. I have the adult colouring book and I find Johanna Bashford’s illustrations so pretty. These are small enough to fit in my bag. These are the notebooks I use for writing and blog ideas. I do have my phone but I can’t stop using a notebook.

The other one is from Paperchase. I am a little bit of a junkie for inspirational quotes so I couldn’t resist this little beauty. Whereas the Secret Garden notebook has blank pages, this one has lined paper. It’s so cute.


Planner HalfThe Planner Half (Fox and Star, £8.95) 

This website is one of my favourite sites. It’s like stationery heaven. This planner caught my eye (I told you I had a thing for planners.)

This one covers a six month period. It is undated so it doesn’t matter when you buy it. There is a weekly view as well as a project plan. I thought it would be perfect for novel planning or any kind of project where you want to set yourself goals and deadlines or if you only want to plan a small amount of time ahead. It’s compact so will fit in a handbag. I brought it for planning this blog.

As well as a weekly plan, it has a monthly plan and it has blank, lined and dotted blank pages.


The Novel PlannerThe Novel Planner: A Daily Planner for Authors (created by Kristen A. Kieffer.) 

I am excited to use this book. I came across this via Buzzfeed I think.

This is a very interesting idea. At the front, there is space to set out the summary, outline, setting, character list and themes for your book. There are then pages  where you are able to sketch out your characters.

Once you’ve done that, the pages are week to view on a double page where you can dot down deadlines, accomplishments and things like that. Plus there is a small space at the bottom to jot down lines of conversations, notes on scenes or ideas.

You can keep track of your word counts and there are also personal to do lists as well as work ones so you can really keep organised where your novel is concerned.

It’s paperback but it is sturdy. I am certainly going to apply this to my book.


Wild at Heart Paperchase Writing Set Wild at Heart Writing Set (Paperchase, £6.00) 

I couldn’t resist this on my recent trip to Paperchase. I am a fan of writing letters and I want to do more of that in 2016.

This has such a pretty design. The paper has a rainbow pattern to it and the envelopes are holographic. I just thought it was so, so pretty. I almost don’t want to use it but that would totally defeat the purpose I guess.


Doodling for Bookworms (Gemma Correll. £9.99)

51c6dKXKK0LI actually got this for Christmas. I thought it was such a lovely idea I wanted to share this book with you.

I love writing and I am definitely a doodler. This book has fifty inspiring doodle prompts and exercises. For example, there is a page where you can doodle your favourite villains into frames, you can design a book shop sign, design your autobiography and there are also fun literary facts.

There is also one for cat lovers too. It’s such a brilliant idea and thank you to whoever got this for me for Christmas.


Orla Kiely Colouring Book and Pencils. 

This is the final thing in my recent haul. I am seriously getting obsessed with colouring books and running out of reasons why I need another one.

Derwent Academy Pencils Orla Kiely Colouring bookMy sister-in-law introduced me to Orla Kiely. There was a squeal of excitement when I found out she had brought out a colouring book. I know, it doesn’t take much right.

I just love the abstract of Orla’s designs. There is something so 60’s about them and I am going to enjoy colouring in this book. She has also added tips on creating new colours through layering and how to add texture to the page.

I couldn’t get a colouring book without getting pencils and these ones are from the Derwent Academy. There are 12 pencils in the tin and they are very smooth to colour with.


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