My Writing Ramblings: 15 Things About Me

I know I seem to be saying this a lot but WHERE DID FEBRUARY GO?

It has slipped away that’s for sure. How was it for everyone?

As it’s Friday and almost the end of the month, I wanted to do something a little different and something I have not really done before (or if I have, it was ages ago.)

As I was preparing questions for authors, I began to wonder how I would answer some of these questions if I were answering them. The variety of answers is one of the things I love most about doing author interviews. Everyone is so different.

So below, I am answering fifteen questions about me – things that you may not know, others I may have answered before. I would love to get to know you too. If you fancy a go at answering these, please do in the comments below. I think this is going to be fun. Here we go.


Do you have a middle name?

Yes, I do. It’s Elizabeth. I did remember asking my Mum once if it was in honour of anyone. I think she may have said The Queen. Even if she didn’t, I am taking that.


Where were you born?

I was born in Bournemouth, which, for people not from the UK, is a seaside town on the south coast of England. I adore it and miss living there. There was something so lovely about getting out of school and heading down to the beach for an hour after school or deciding to walk home after work and listening to the waves as I walked along. I find that sound calming.


What did you want to do for a job when you were younger?

I wanted to be a teacher. I was always in awe of them. They seemed to be all-knowing.

Yes, I was one of those students that loved homework although I think that was as much to do with the fact that, the more I did, the more new notebooks I could insist on having. My stationery addiction began early.

I would even pretend to teach classes when I was much younger, using the side of my wardrobe as a blackboard. My Mum wasn’t impressed. Hahaha.

It was only as I finished senior school that I moved away from teaching and went into radio broadcasting.


What’s my favourite holiday destination?

Oh Walt Disney World. No question. You can forget about being an adult and no one cares. In fact, it’s encouraged.


Who’s your favourite author?

Why have I given myself this question? It’s one I ask authors and yes, I concede, it’s mean. I apologise.

Photo Credit: Matthew Thompson

Can I have more than one? I admire JK Rowling very much and the skill she has at weaving the stories within her novels. How something so small in book one can become so important in book seven.

Another author I love is Cecelia Ahern. She has such a good imagination. Another favourite of mine is Lisa Jewell. I think she’s fabulous. There are so many more but here are three off the top of my head.


What’s your favourite quote?

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” He’s a wise guy that Albus Dumbledore.


What was your favourite subject at school?

Of course, I loved English. I didn’t have a lot of love left for Shakespeare for a while after I left. I also liked History. I have always been fascinated by facts. It also helped that my history teacher was very good at storytelling.


Who was your favourite teacher?

I have been lucky enough to have had some brilliant teachers. The one that sticks out for me is my first school teacher, Miss Sayers. She was the one who first encouraged me to write. Creative writing was my favourite part of school at this point. So, Miss Sayers, wherever you are, thank you. You inspired my lifetime love of books and writing.


What was my most embarrassing moment?

Aside from mistaking a stranger for my Dad before walking up to him and striking up a conversation, the one that comes to mind is a job interview I had where my mind went completely blank. I just froze; not being able to remember the name of the home secretary kind of froze. Of course, once I left, my brain kicked back into gear again. I have never been so happy to not get a job. I don’t think I could have looked the interviewer in the eye ever again.


Is ignorance really bliss?

I think in some areas absolutely not. Knowledge is great. However, in terms of social media, then yes, I would be happy in ignorance. Hahaha.


A dog or cat person?

I like dogs but I am a self certified cat lady. No question. I have two feline furballs to prove it.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh, this is a difficult question. As I am currently planning my novel and he is inspiration for my main character, I would have to say Tom Hiddleston.


Titanic or The Notebook?

I think Noah and Allie slightly trumps Jack and Rose but only just.


Which fictional character would you like to meet?

Elizabeth Bennett and Bridget Jones. I think they are both rockstars. I would also like to meet most of the Harry Potter characters too. OK, I want to go to Hogwarts.


Which three people (alive or dead) would you have over for dinner.

The first one is easy. I would have my Mum, just to have a chance to talk to her again. I would also love to invite Dawn French. I think she would be a hoot. The third one would be Anna Kendrick. She always seems to be such a laugh and I want to be her BFF. Does that sound too creepy?


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I’m Laura. I started Novel Kicks in 2009. I wanted a place to post my writing as well as give other writers like me the opportunity to do the same. There is also a monthly book club, a writing room which features writing prompts, book reviews, competitions, author interviews and guest posts.

I grew up by the sea (my favourite place in the world) and I currently live in Hampshire. I am married to Chris, have a cat named Buddy and I would love to be a writer. I’m trying to write the novel I’ve talked so much about writing if only I could stop pressing delete. I’ve loved writing since creative writing classes in primary school. I have always wanted to see my teacher Miss Sayers again and thank her for the encouragement. When not trying to write the novel or writing snippets of stories on anything I can get my hands on, I love reading, dancing like a loon and singing to myself very badly. My current obsession is Once Upon a Time and I would be happy to live with magic in the enchanted forest surrounded by all those wonderful stories provided that world also included Harry Potter. I love reading chick lit. contemporary fiction and novels with mystery.

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