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Hello Eliza. Thank you so much for including Novel Kicks on the blog tour for your new novel. Can you tell me about Finding Love in Micklewick Bay and what inspired it?

Well, it’s book three in the Welcome to Micklewick Bay series and it tells Stella’s story. Living in the pretty seaside town of Micklewick Bay, successful barrister Stella Hutton is part of a fiercely loyal group of five friends who have stuck together through thick and thin. She’s never known her father; he left her mum when he found out she was expecting his child. From the moment Stella was born her mother instilled in her that she should be self-reliant, avoid relationships at all costs and, most importantly, keep men at arm’s length! Stella has followed this to the letter, until the tall, dark and extremely handsome Alex Bainbridge arrives in town and, much to her frustration, sets her heart fluttering in a way she’s never experienced before.

While she’s tackling these unfamiliar emotions, Stella becomes determined to find her long-lost father, but her discoveries quickly make her wish she’d left well alone.


What songs would make up a playlist for this book?

This really made me think! I’d say the following mix of songs that celebrate kick-ass women, friendship and love-at-first-sight would definitely make up part of a playlist:

Salute – Little Mix

Ain’t Your Mama – Jennifer Lopez

Independent Woman – Kelly Clarkson

Gift of a Friend – Demi Levato

Friends – Meghan Trainor

Love at First Sight – Kylie Minogue

You Had Me At Hello – Kenny Chesney


Which authors do you admire?

Ooh, this is a tricky one as there are so many wonderful authors out there. I’d have to start off with Milly Johnson, Cathy Bramley, Jessica Redland, Sharon Booth, Heidi Swain, Julie Caplin, Karen Swan, Veronica Henry and Daisy James. I’m also a fan of historical fiction and love Clare Marchant, Jenni Keer (I’ve just read The Legacy of Halesham Hall and it’s fabulous!), Callie Langridge, Hilary Mantel and Kate Mosse. Oh, goodness, I could go on forever but I’d better stop there!


Which book of yours is your favourite and why?

I think I’d have to say A Christmas Kiss from my Life on the Moors series, simply because it was the first festive book I wrote. I really enjoyed immersing myself in the Christmas spirit and wintery moorland scenes.


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the next book in the Welcome to Micklewick Bay series but I can’t say any more than that at the moment, I’m afraid.


What’s been the highlight of writing Finding Love in Micklewick Bay? 

I think I’d probably say the research trips to the seaside towns and villages that inspired the series. That, and sampling the delicious fish and chips and ice cream the places had to offer. Research can be so hard at times!


Which three people (alive or dead) would you invite to a dinner party and why?

I think Jane Austen would be a fabulous dinner party guest! I’d love to sample her witty observations in real life. Milly Johnson, as I think they’d get on like a house on fire. I’ve met Milly before (very briefly) at the RNA York Tea and she was absolutely lovely! Alan Titchmarsh would complete my guest list, as I’d like to pick his brains about all things gardening – and, as he’s also an author, writing too!


Do you have any advice to overcome writer’s block. 

I’ve been fortunate not to have suffered from writer’s block yet (touchwood), but if I’ve got a plotline I’m finding tricky I head out into the garden and let my thoughts take a wander. It works every time!


When did you realise you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember. I used to make little books, complete with (badly!) illustrated covers, and fill them with my stories.


What advice would you give when first approaching an agent?

I’ve never approached an agent, but I guess I’d say, be polite and professional.


Would you rather – 

Drink tea or coffee for the rest of your life?

Tea, definitely! 


Have the ability to see into the future or be able to visit the past?

I don’t think I’d like to see into the future in case I learnt about something horrible that’s going to happen that I don’t have the power to change. I’d be worried about it the whole time. I would, however, love to visit the past. Being able to pop back into different moments in history would be fabulous – as long as I could return to the present! 


Have the ability to move things with your mind or read minds?

I’m not sure I’d like to read minds for lots of reasons. I do, however, think it would be good to be able to move things with my mind, especially when it comes to lugging heavy furniture about.


Sing or dance to your favourite song for the rest of your life?

As I’m tone deaf, I can say with complete confidence my family would prefer it if I danced to my favourite song! My dancing isn’t that great, but my singing is absolute torture!


Have money or power?

Hmm. Is it okay if I say, I’d like enough money so the members of my family are comfortable, and just enough power so I’d feel able to stand up for myself – something I haven’t always good at?



About Eliza J Scott –

Eliza J Scott lives in North Yorkshire with her family and has wanted to be a writer as far back as she can remember. She is inspired by her beautiful surroundings and loves to write heartwarming stories based on romance and friendship with a generous dollop of community spirit and a hint of humour. She has written and self-published ten novels and has been an Amazon UK Kindle bestseller.

When she’s not writing, Eliza can usually be found with her nose in a book or working in her garden doing a spot of plot wrangling (of the writing variety), and battling against the weeds. The weeds, unfortunately, are currently winning but Eliza is undeterred. Roses are amongst her favourite flowers and she doesn’t need much of an excuse to visit a plant centre where a new rose always seems to mysteriously find its way onto her trolley much to her husband’s astonishment.

Eliza also enjoys having a catch-up with friends over tea and cake, as well as bracing walks in the countryside, rounded off by a visit to a teashop – for yet more tea and cake!

Say hello to Eliza via her website, X (Twitter,) Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky, Bookbub, Amazon UK and Amazon US




About Finding Love in Micklewick Bay – 

Welcome to your happy place…

Stella Hutton has everything under control. Her high-flying career as a lawyer relies on her keeping a calm, rational head on her shoulders. She hasn’t got time for love, or space for a man in her glamorous new apartment, a converted warehouse overlooking the rugged cliffs of Micklewick Bay.

But when a handsome stranger walks into the Jolly Sailors pub, with a sparkle in his blue eyes and a head of dark curls, everything changes. Making a beeline for her, Alex Bainbridge introduces himself while a gorgeous Labrador waits at his feet. Electricity instantly sparks between Stella and Alex, as her heart flips inside her chest and her usual strict rules about men fly out the window…

Stella thinks her crush will pass. But every time she bumps into Alex — on her daily jog along the promenade, at the supermarket, inside the Happy Hartes Bookshop — her feelings only grow stronger. Her close-knit group of friends have never seen her like this before. After thirty years of being happily single, has Stella finally met the one? Or will her cherished independence sabotage her chance at a forever love?

Escape to Micklewick Bay in this uplifting, feel-good page-turner, perfect for fans of Heidi Swain, Jenny Colgan and Phillipa Ashley.

Finding Love in Micklewick Bay is book three in the Micklewick Bay series and was released on 1st May 2024. Click to buy on Amazon UK, Waterstones and Amazon US


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