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I don’t know about you but, for me, books and a warm bath often go hand in hand. It’s part of my routine at night and something I look forward to especially if I get to use a product from one of my favourite shops. So, a little something different review wise today – The Lush Subscription Box.

I was aware that Lush had started a subscription box and decided to recently sign up after seeing a review for a previous box online.

The box is £35 + postage. For many, me included, that’s a lot. However, as mentioned above, my baths are a big part of my day and so, I felt it was worth giving it a go.

How it works – at the beginning of the month, subscribers are given the chance to vote for a selection of items. The four products with the most votes get put into the box, along with a couple of surprises thrown in. I loved this process and it made me all the more excited for the box to arrive.

You get charged on 5th of the month. The box then dispatches at the end of that month.

When the box arrived, it was a little like Christmas. Opening the box felt like I was standing in the middle of a Lush store – you know that smell, right.

The theme of this month seems to be Citrus which is perfect for summer.

OK, so on to the contents. There were six full size products included which I was impressed with. All the products are also self-preserving. In my opinion, with the products I have previously used, this seems to give the item a longer shelf life.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this Lush box.


Turtle Jelly Bomb.

I seem to remember that this product divided opinion amongst my friends when it was first released in the shops and I have to admit, I hadn’t noticed that it had disappeared. However, I was so pleased to see this little guy again.

I, for one, loved the jelly bombs. Yes, they are a little messy and slippy but so much fun.

It has sandalwood, sea salt and pine listed amongst the ingredients. It smells fresh, like that lovely smell of salted air near the beach. I am looking forward to using this product.


Nausicaa’s Golden Flask Shower Oil.

Shaped like a tear drop, this is a product I’ve not previously noticed or used before. It’s ingredients include organic cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil. The main scent I can pick up is the sweet wild orange oil. It smells like summer.

The texture feels like wax, very similar to the massage bars.

There is glitter in this one, judging by the amount on my hand just by holding it but I can already feel how smooth it’s making my skin. You smooth it over your skin when damp and rinsing it off just before you get out the shower.


Easy Peeler Body Scrub.

Remaining with the citrus theme, this body scrub is one of those lush products that would be so tasty if it were edible. It’s an orange in cosmetics form. It smells amazing.

The ingredient that’s similar to the Gold Flask is cocoa butter. This product also contains stuff like shea butter, fresh apple pulp, tangerine oil, Sicilian red mandarin oil and mango butter.

This also has a wax texture and it has slightly stained my desk. Beware. Haha.


Shower Sheet: 29 High Street.

For those who don’t know, 29 High Street is the address of the original Lush store in Poole and my, does this remind me of it. If you’re ever in that area, it’s worth a visit. It has such a cozy feel to it.

I haven’t ever used a shower sheet. This was one of the non-votable items if I remember rightly.

This product looks interesting and, like the other products in this box, minus the turtle, can be used multiple times as a bit can be teared off whenever you want to use a piece.

The scents I am getting most from it are apple (it contains fresh apple pulp,) and lemon. It has a fresh smell and seems like it will be perfect for summer.


Mango Exuberance Shampoo Bar.

I am a big fan of Lush’s shampoo bars and they, for me, feel like great value for money. I also needed a new one so this was timed brilliantly. This was one of the products I voted for and I was so pleased to see it included. I think this was my favourite item from the box.

I love the mango scent. This also has pineapple powder, lemon and lime oil in it.

These bars are great and very light and portable. If you’ve not tried one of these, I recommend it. I would love to see this back in the store at some point, even if it’s only a limited product over the summer.


Intergalactic Soap.

This bar is beautiful. The combination of colours. Oh, I love it.

I am not a huge user of the soaps however, the scent of this is amazing! It contains things such as mint and coconut oil. It’s the mint that is the overwhelming smell for me and I love it. I have picked it up out of the box many times just to smell it.

I believe this was the other surprise product as I don’t remember voting for it. I could be wrong though of course. My memory isn’t the best.

The intergalactic bath bomb is one of my favourites so to have it in soap form has me very happy.

Again, I would to see this in stores, even if for a limited time over bonfire night maybe?


So, that’s all the products. Verdict? I am really impressed with this box. I have subscribed to many different boxes over the years and I really think that this is the most value for money I have got out of any box.

Obviously, like many things, scents are subjective and not everyone is going to like everything in one box so the feeling that it’s value for money is going to vary from person to person but I loved this box. I will need a few more months to see how the products vary from box to box but first impressions are that it’s worth the money. It’s a great way to indulge for £35.

I’m grabbing my book and I’m off for a bath.

To end, just a tip. If you buy the £15 annual post pass from Lush, you don’t pay additional postage on the box. It’s included.

If you want to see more about the box, click here.

(N.B – This box was bought with my own money and is not sponsored.)


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