The Ghost of You and Me & Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert.


The Ghost of You and Methe-ghost-of-you-and-me

By Joanna Lambert.

Authors Online, 2010.

Review by Laura Parish.

The Ghost of You and Me is the third book in the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy.

It’s been a year since Matt and Ella had last seen one another in Meridian Cross. Now, back with Andy, Ella is trying to move on and is hoping that the arrival of their daughter will help things in their marriage. Things are going OK until Andy hears about his ex-girlfriend’s imminent wedding and he puts a plan in motion to stop it.

In the meantime, Matt is over in New York about to embark on a UK tour with his newest singing sensation, Marcie Maguire who is secretly in love with Matt and is trying to do everything in her power to get him to fall in love with her.


After a chance encounter between Matt and Ella, old wounds are reopened and truths are revealed by unexpected sources. People and situations continue to conspire against Matt and Ella being together.

Things eventually come to a head and when Ella’s mother makes a swift decision with consequences that will not only change her life but Ella’s life as well, can Matt get to Ella in time before she is lost to him forever?

There is nothing like a saga of books to escape to for a while and I think that this one is my favourite. I had really enjoyed the first two in the series (When Tomorrow Comes and Love, Lies and Promises,) and so I was really looking forward to reading this last book in the series to find out what happened to the characters I had grown fond of.

This book was gripping and I struggled to put it down, grabbing time when I could to squeeze in a couple of pages (even sneaking the odd page via the electronic version on my phone when I should have been doing other things.)

It was great to find out what happened to Matt and Ella and whether the end of their story was a happy one.

Joanna has a great way, as an author, of drawing you into the story and making believable, likeable characters. I found myself drawn in to the lives of the people of Meridian Cross.

Overall, the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy is, in my opinion is a wonderful set of books. It was great, light escapism with compelling characters and a balanced plot. It’s great for the winter nights or an ideal holiday book. I loved this book and I would recommend the series.



Between Today and Yesterday.between-today

By Joanna Lambert.

(Authors Online Ltd, 2012.)

Review by Laura Parish.

Laura Kendrick, the owner of Little Court Manor is dead. The family she leaves behind is not only grieving her death but they are also trying to deal with their own problems.

Ella and Matt are now married with a teenage daughter but not all is, as it seems in their outwardly happy life.

Nick Kendrick is a bitter, resentful headmaster whose life hasn’t turned out the way he planned. His wife and daughter are constantly at the receiving end of his wrath.

When Ella, Matt and Jenny find themselves in Marbella, old acquaintances reappear, rumours surface and someone is hell bent on destroying Ella’s marriage.

I was very happy to be able to revisit the residents of Meridian Cross. Although the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy had come to a satisfying end, I always find myself wondering what happened to the characters once I’ve turned the last page.

Ella and Matt are happily married and have a teenage daughter. At first glance, all seems well but having followed Ella and Matt’s story, I knew that it wasn’t going to last for long.

Like the three books before it, it wasn’t long before I was completely suckered into the story.

Along with Ella, Matt, Jenny and Nick’s story, there was an added mystery to the plot that added another layer and I liked that, (I am a big fan of mysteries and love trying to work out what’s going to happen.) These plot elements made me want to continue to turn the page.

Joanna Lambert has really got into the heads of these characters now and they have matured in this book from the previous ones. In this book, Matt and Ella were not the only characters I was rooting for. It focused on other characters too (with only one small plot development that I found slightly far-fetched but worked within the story.)

Characters I didn’t like in the trilogy seemed to redeem themselves in this one and one or two of the characters I liked fell from grace.

A great addition to the other titles which preceded it and I was sad when it had to end. An end I didn’t fully see coming.

Great job Joanna!

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