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Bright Ideas Productivity Journal I have some lovely stationery items for this spotlight today.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with stationery. I can always justify getting a new notebook despite the fact that there are a pile of new ones waiting at home which are just too nice to ruin. You can never have enough pens and who doesn’t like a pad of post-its?

Chronicle Books provide some of the cutest stationery and were kind enough to send me some items to review. Stationery and books being my favourite kind of post, I happily accepted. I wanted to share these with you. As Christmas coming up, all of these would make fabulous gifts for the writer in your life or a treat for yourself. After all, it is the rule of Christmas shopping that one thing needs to be for yourself.

First up is this fantastic Productivity Journal from Bright Ideas. Put together by Megan Lynn Kott, it has a sturdy blue cover and an exposed spine so it will open flat. I personally love this. Being left-handed, I always find that this is a helpful feature of any notebook.

This journal features a table of contents, numbered pages which are a combination of dotted and lined paper. Plus, it’s very colourful. Using this journal makes me smile.

For anyone who does or is looking into bullet journaling, I feel this would make a great Bullet Journal.

IMG_7256Bright Ideas also have this sticky tab tray. I am a sucker for any kind of post-it and sticky note. Therefore, this tray has become a permanent fixture on my desk.

Like the productivity journal, it’s very colourful. The tray features ten pads of sticky notes and it’s great if you’re writing, editing or if you’re a student.

The sticky notes have writing on them for example, ‘red hot ideas.’

As I use one notebook for my blog, writing and the day job, these are and have been very handy.

The next thing in this little stationery haul is the Celestial One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book.
IMG_7257This is the latest design in the line a day series. The designer, Yao Cheng has done such a good job with the cover. In my opinion, it’s absolutely stunning.

I love anything stars related and this has gold foil stars on it and the cover is padded too. It’s so pretty.

If you’ve not seen them before, the basic premise of these journals is that you’re given space to write one sentence a day over five years. I find it so interesting that when I finish this book, I will be able to go back and read all my entries, to see how I have changed over time. This is a great alternative or addition to a diary.

It could also be used as a gratitude journal.

Speaking of gratitude journals, I was also sent Two Minute Mornings. I was so excited to receive this one. I immediately fell in love with it and am getting a lot out of using it.

Two minute mornings works on the idea that the decisions you make in the morning can have an impact.

IMG_7258This book encourages you to let go of stress, find gratitude and allows you to set up a daily intention.

The prompt includes ‘I will let go of….,’ ‘I am grateful for…,’ and ‘I will focus on.’

This book is great especially if you suffer from anxiety and like the Celestial Journal, it’s very portable.

Wake Up Your Imagination isn’t directly aimed at writers. It’s a book to kick start your creativity if you’re an artist.

However, I think this could help a writer if needed. Even though I am no good at it, doodling and drawing helps me work through areas of my writing. For example, if I am struggling with a bit of plot I want to plan.

The prompts in this book help bring inspiration and the cover is so pretty.

Finally, to further encourage my love of lists, I have the 642 Lists to Write. I love this series of books. I think this one is my favourite in the series so far.

IMG_7261 FullSizeRenderIt has 642 prompts including ‘six just this once moments,’ and ‘four best reasons to flip a coin.’
I find these books so helpful particularly when I am mentally blocked or want to warm my brain up before I attempt to write. This has become more helpful now I am drafting my first book.

There were some really lovely items included in this list. Which one would you like to get if you were buying one? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you to Chronicle Books for the review copies.


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