E-Readers Vs Bookshops

rp_Jornal-300x1801.jpgWill e-readers spell the end for bookshops?

With the invention of the e-reader and companies like Amazon, Kobo and the iTunes stores giving us instant access to books, it’s making it easier to get books without even having to leave our homes.

Bookshops and Libraries have struggled as a result – the latter suffering closures due to budget restraints and Borders was certainly an example of a high street store losing the pricing war with the online retailers.

We have seen many well-known stores disappear from the high street in recent years. Places like Woolworths, HMV and Blockbusters have all struggled and failed to stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping up with online rivals like Love Film and Netflix. Even supermarkets are posing a big threat not only to them but to bookshops.

I tend to be a user of both. I have a Kindle and despite originally vowing I would never own one, I see the appeal. It’s a chance to store many books in the same place and it’s perfect for holidays, no need to carry heavy books in handbags. However, the online downloading could never replace the excitement of browsing the bookshelves, flicking through the books. Even the smell of books is something I love. There will always be a place for shelves crammed with books in my house.

Which do you use most? Do you think the e-reader is the beginning of the end for bookshops? Do you prefer one over the other and why?

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I’m Laura. I started Novel Kicks in 2009. I wanted a place to post my writing as well as give other writers like me the opportunity to do the same. There is also a monthly book club, a writing room which features writing prompts, book reviews, competitions, author interviews and guest posts.

I grew up by the sea (my favourite place in the world) and I currently live in Hampshire. I am married to Chris, have a cat named Buddy and I would love to be a writer. I’m trying to write the novel I’ve talked so much about writing if only I could stop pressing delete. I’ve loved writing since creative writing classes in primary school. I have always wanted to see my teacher Miss Sayers again and thank her for the encouragement. When not trying to write the novel or writing snippets of stories on anything I can get my hands on, I love reading, dancing like a loon and singing to myself very badly. My current obsession is Once Upon a Time and I would be happy to live with magic in the enchanted forest surrounded by all those wonderful stories provided that world also included Harry Potter. I love reading chick lit. contemporary fiction and novels with mystery.

4 Responses to E-Readers Vs Bookshops

  • Lynne Bispham says:

    I do own a Kindle, and I take it with me when travelling, but I still prefer to actually go into a bookshop and choose a book from the shelves. Sadly, this is a treat these days as the last bookshop in my home town closed some years ago. I think there will always be readers who enjoy the visceral experience of an actual book, but I do fear that the only way to obtain a book will be online or in a supermarket. I do think physical books will survive, but I’m not sure about bookshops.

    • Laura says:

      It’s a shame about not having any bookshops. Have you read The Bookshop Strikes Back by Ann Pratchett? That’s about how there wasn’t a shop in her home town so she opened one.

  • Carol Peace says:

    I love books and don’t think you can totally atke them out of the market place, there is nothing like holding a new (or old) book in your hands. I have a kindle and will take it on hols with me for convenience but I don’t think they will replace books. I hope not anyway.

    • Laura says:

      I am the same, Carol. I have a kindle and go between the two but won’t stop with books completely. I do like my kindle a lot more than I thought I would when I got it.

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