Blog Tour: High Tides and Summer Skies by Jennifer Bohnet

Book Review: High Tides and Summer Skies by Jennifer Bohnet

High Tides and Summer SkiesI am so pleased to be welcoming Jennifer Bohnet back to Novel Kicks and the blog tour for her novel, High Tides and Summer Skies.

New beginnings don’t always mean painful endings . . .

A fabulous, timeless story of friendship set in Devon from bestselling author Jennifer Bohnet.

As time ebbs and flows over the summer both Katie Teague and her godmother Mattie Cranford discover their lives are at a crossroads

Mattie shackled to the family wool shop for over 50 years, feels life has passed her by. She dreams of seeing the world and shaking off a lifetime of regrets.

When Katie is made redundant, Mattie seizes the moment and asks Katie to move back to her home town of Dartmouth and breathe new life into the rundown wool shop and to her surprise Katie agrees.

As Katie settles back into the rhythm of Devon life and renovating the shop, Mattie sets off on a luxury cruise.

But the arrival of Katie’s ex-boyfriend with an unexpected dream job offer threatens to unsettle the calm waters.

Will she sacrifice the shop and Mattie’s happiness – or her own career?


Haunted by the past and determined to keep the grief to herself, Mattie has never allowed herself to venture beyond the seaside town she grew up in. Taking over the family business when she was young, she resigned herself to that life.

High Tides Summer Skies blog tour However, when a need to spread her wings in later life begins to take hold and on hearing that her Goddaughter, Katie is in need of a job, Mattie begins to formulate a plan; one that may change more than just her life.

Having previously read Christmas on the Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet, I was excited to be invited onto the blog tour for High Tides and Summer Skies.

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