Blog Tour: Finding Love on Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy

Book Review: Finding Love on Sunshine Island by Georgina Troy

A big welcome to Georgina Troy who is here with the blog tour for her new novel, Finding Love on Sunshine Island.

Welcome to the Sunshine Island – where the beaches are golden, the lifestyle is perfect and anything is possible.

Piper Le Brocq is happily single after the disastrous ending of her engagement eighteen months before. The only man in her life is Jax, her best friend and cousin, who spends his life teaching locals how to forage and taking tourists on boat trips around the island. Her days are filled with helping out at her mother’s guest house and selling her glass mosaics at The Cabbage Patch emporium in Trinity.

Piper loves living on the Sunshine Island, where the neighbours look out for each other and visitors are welcome. So, when handsome guest Alex Cooper arrives at the guest house to check up on his grandfather, she welcomes him to the sunny island. And when he needs help after his grandfather is injured, she’s quick to get involved.

Yet, the more she gets to know Alex the more mysterious he seems, and Alex isn’t the only one keeping secrets from her.


After a horrible breakup, Piper is happily single, helping her mother at the family guest house on Jersey and creating glass mosaics for sale.

When Alex Cooper arrives to see his grandfather, she welcomes him and even helps him out when there’s an accident. However, is love about to catch her unawares?

I adore the fact that Piper refers to Jersey as the ‘sunshine island.’ I’ve never been there but this, as well as the vivid descriptions in the novel, meant that I could really imagine myself there, amongst these wonderfully well written characters.

It isn’t hard to like Piper. She’s had a lot happen but she has picked herself up and has created her own business. I wanted things to be OK for her.

Alex adds mystery to the story. He’s lovely and charming but he is holding something back. I was intrigued to know what.

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