Blog Tour: Love You From A-Z by Linda Corbett

Book Review: Love You From A-Z by Linda Corbett

It’s my pleasure to welcome Linda Corbett to Novel Kicks today and the blog tour for her novel, Love You From A-Z. 

Experience has told Jenna Oakhurst that Happy Ever After may happen in all the best stories, but Happy For Now is the best one ought to expect in real life.

Yet lately even that isn’t quite enough, so when a strange set of circumstances leads her to discover a mysterious letter in an abandoned storage unit, she takes the chance to embark on a journey into the unknown…just like the heroines from the storybooks.

Reaching out to the letter’s author, Henry Somners, changes Jenna’s world irrevocably and she starts to realise that the magic she believed in as a child might not be such a fanciful notion after all…


Jenna believes that happily ever after belongs only in stories. It’s not something she expects to happen in real life.

When her boyfriend buys an abandoned storage unit, she discovers an unopened letter which leads her to Henry. This meeting will change her life in more ways than one.

This book sounded intriguing so I was excited to be invited onto the blog tour and couldn’t wait to get started.

From the start it’s clear to see that Jenna is a serious person and the more you get to know her, you realise that her former life experiences have been a huge contributor to that. I loved her as a character and loved watching her develop.

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