Blog Tour: Just One Day – Summer by Susan Buchanan

Book Extract: Just One Day – Summer by Susan Buchanan

Welcome to Susan Buchanan and the blog tour for her novel, Just One Day – Summer.

List-juggling, business-owner mum-of-three Louisa is reeling after a tragedy, as well as learning how to cope after a life-changing revelation. With oil worker husband Ronnie possibly being able to move onshore, she hopes he can help her manage the burden.

But the secrets she keeps are causing her headaches and she’s unsure if her ability to make good decisions has deserted her. All she seems to do is upset those around her.

With Louisa’s to-do list gathering pace at an incredible speed, will she manage to provide a stable home for them all, embrace her new normal as well as rebuild their life from what’s left?
And if she gets what she has always wanted, will it match up to her expectations?


Susan has shared an extract with us today. Enjoy.


*****beginning of extract*****


Louisa is furious because Nicky’s ex is trying to keep her from seeing her son whilst she’s in hospital, and she’s not taking it lying down…


‘That’s where you’re wrong, Sebastian. You’re not going to keep Xander from Nicky, and that’s the end of it. Otherwise, I swear to God, I’ll personally see to it that she takes you to court. You were missing from his life for so many years when she had to bring Xander up on her own, whilst you–’ I indicate Brittany ‘–cavorted around behind her back.’

I pause to stop myself losing it with him. ‘Now, you may be making a better job of fatherhood this time around, and certainly I didn’t see you once change Xander’s nappy, but that doesn’t give you the right to give Nicky shit for meeting and moving in with someone else.’

He goes to interrupt, but I hold up a hand. ‘Let’s face it, you were beyond awful to Nicky, and I hope for Brittany’s sake, and your daughter’s, that the leopard really has changed his spots, but you have no right to try to stop Nicky from seeing Xander, or indeed be pissed off at her moving in with Valentin. No right. Do you understand?’

He stares at me, but I clock him keeping an eye on Ronnie out of the corner of his eye.

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