Blog Tour: Passageways: Short Speculative Fiction by Lisa Fox

Book Extract: Passageways: Short Speculative Fiction by Lisa Fox

I’m excited to be welcoming Lisa Fox to Novel Kicks and the blog tour for Passageways: Short Speculative Fiction.

Twenty-seven speculative short stories celebrating the value of the journey: how lessons learned traveling the path between two points often transcend the goal of reaching the destination. These tales—including science fiction, fantasy, and horror—introduce characters who traverse unusual and often unsettling routes toward their desired objectives.

A man ventures through the depths of his beloved’s subconscious to save her, only to discover a deep-rooted secret that could destroy everything. A young girl and a newly found friend travel to the Middle of Nowhere, desperate to find a way Out. A teenager struggles to escape the clutches of a demonic blanket inherited from a deceased family member. An “ugly” vampire goes through hell on earth to find his true self and his one true love. A woman revisits her past to determine whether it’s time to pull the plug on a scientific experiment that’s sustained—and devastated—her family for decades.

Passageways is the second short story collection from author Lisa Fox, following her acclaimed debut Core Truths. In these pages, readers voyage through darkness and light, fear and faith; toward understanding and peace. Sanctuary. Self-awareness. Being heard. Being loved. As speculative literary fiction, the stories in this anthology harmonize the excitement and otherworldly escapism that genre-based tales offer with the lyrical poeticism of language that makes storytelling sing.

Lisa has shared an extract with us today. We hope you enjoy. 


*****beginning of extract*****


An excerpt from “Her Memory Uncloaked”

“Her Memory Uncloaked” is the lead story in Passageways: Short Speculative Fiction. It’s a genre-blend that brings Science Fiction, Romance, and a bit of Mystery together into a short piece that focuses on a man’s love for his wife and his desperation to save her from her own subconscious.

Clouds cast a gray pall over our wedding day; pinpricks of winter numb with a biting chill. Cassie’s world lies still, tense as a held breath that fears escape, as if the slightest sigh could crack the icy veneer that lacquers her mindscape.

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