Blog Tour: Just One Day – Autumn by Susan Buchanan

Book Extract: Just One Day – Autumn by Susan Buchanan

I am pleased to be welcoming Susan Buchanan back to Novel Kicks. She’s here with the blog tour for her book,  Just One Day – Autumn. 

Pregnant Louisa is just getting back on track when life throws her another curveball. Now, it’s not a case of how she’ll get through her to-do lists but how she’ll manage being a mum again.

No one seems to understand. How will she run her company, be partner in a new venture, look after her three kids and handle a newborn? And why does everyone think this will be easy? Except her.

All Louisa wants is to be a good mum, a good wife and have a bit of time left for herself, but sometimes that’s too big an ask. Can she find the support she needs, or will she forever be pulled in too many directions, always at the mercy of her to-do lists?


Susan has shared an extract from Just One Day – Autumn. Enjoy. 


*****beginning of extract*****


Louisa and her family are at the Ferniehall scarecrow festival. She has just bumped into her landlord who needs to meet with her urgently.

I try to put Benedict to the back of my mind so as not to spoil the kids’ enjoyment of the day. Aria plays pin the carrot on the scarecrow and is the closest so wins a hand-knitted scarecrow as a prize. Hugo plays ten-pin scarecrow bowling and comes second, so he wins a voucher to spend at several of the other stalls, and Gen, with a little gentle coaxing creates a scarecrow rap and performs it on the makeshift stage and wins. The fact only three people participated in the ‘talent show’ doesn’t matter. She wins iTunes vouchers and is delighted.

‘I’m hungry,’ Hugo announces.

‘Hugo, you’ve been eating all day long. Grazing constantly. How can you be hungry?’ I ask, incredulous even though I know what he’s like.

‘I’m a growing boy, Mother,’ he says in a withering tone.

Honestly. ‘Fine. There’s a hot dog stand at the back. Do you want one?’

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