Book Review: The Visitors by Owen Knight

Book Review: The Visitors by Owen Knight

The Great Reset has begun.

Fourteen years ago, Peter saved the world. Now, his sister Emily and two strangers receive coded invitations to return to the hidden village of Templewood, where Peter faces a new, terrifying threat.

Templewood is home to the Sect, a secretive organisation intent on global power. They have infiltrated many Governments and are collaborating with the Visitors: alien invaders who have brought gifts of advanced scientific and genetic discoveries. These gifts will potentially provide enormous benefits for humanity and facilitate the Sect’s bid for power.

But at what cost and what is the Visitors’ motive? Why are they taking, then retuning, increasing numbers of the local population? Peter, Emily, and their friends must uncover the truth before their worst fears are confirmed.


The Sect secretly run the world.

This organisation has covert bases located around the globe – the town of Templewood being one of them.

When the ‘Visitors’ arrive, they take an interest in two bases in particular, including Templewood.

The only communication from them have been in the form of gifts.

Then people start going missing.

This book is aimed at a YA audience so I am definitely not the target demographic.

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