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Rosie BlakeHow To Get A (Love) Life is the brilliant debut novel from Rosie Blake.

It was published by Novelicious Books in January and we are very delighted to take part in Rosie’s blog tour. Rosie joins us for a chat – favourite words, ideal dinner guests, Albus Dumbledore and Charmed.


Hi Rosie, can you tell us a little about How to Get a (Love) Life?

The story focusses on Nicola Brown, an uptight and introverted young woman who has never had a date on Valentine’s Day. Following a bet with a work colleague, Nicola has to put aside her hang ups to go on as many dates as she possibly can in order to find the perfect man in time for February 14th. Of course, lots of hijinks ensue including a disastrous date or two.


Can you give us a few fun facts about Nicola?

Fun facts about Nicola! Of course! She likes to eat her chocolate mini roll at a certain time of the day, keep the cellophane on all her furniture and make long lists about … wait … did you say fun? Oh. Erm. Yeah.


What makes you laugh?

Twitter. Particularly people who just want to spread joy and weirdness and those who write regularly in capital letters.


What’s your favourite word?



Where do you like to write?

Cafés. If any Bristolians are reading, I used to live in an amazing tea shop on Park Street called Cha. I cried on the street when it closed. I still miss it (it closed in 2004).


Which book has made the most impact on you?

Jilly Cooper for being the first women’s fiction author who really made me laugh. She is so charming and amusing and has brilliant dialogue and couples you can’t wait  to get together.


Do you have a favourite author?

 See above.


If you could pick a famous person in the world to be your best friend, who would it be?

Julia Roberts, Julia Roberts, Julia Roberts. I truly believe we just need to meet and then we will be best friends. I love her face. That smile. We should hang out.


Ideal dinner guests?

Book folk, of course …the best of the geeks!


Which fictional character would you like to meet?

I’d like afternoon tea with Albus Dumbledore please – I think he’d be a blast!


If you could have a superpower, which one would you have?

Freezing time à la Piper in Charmed so I could get more done.


What’s your best writing moment so far?

Definitely the day that Kirsty at Novelicious Books emailed me and asked for the full manuscript of How to Get A (Love) Life.I just couldn’t believe it and spent weeks waiting nervously for her verdict.


Any TV/Music guilty pleasures?

Charmed – why do you think I know so much about Piper? It’s just good witches fighting evil and wearing epic 90’s fashion. What more could you want?


Five tips for new writers?

Don’t edit the first draft. Finish it first and then re-read. If you don’t have those words down you’ll never know you can actually finish a novel (and by the by, you absolutely can finish a novel).

Stuck on a scene? Don’t write it. I always plan to write a book chronologically or chapter by chapter, but sometimes if you’re excited about something, abandon the neat process and write it.

Treats for small targets! A walk, some chocolate, an episode of Charmed – whatever it is, make sure you stop, enjoy it and then get back to work.

Talk to other writers – they’re all as mad as you. Plus they give you their great tips.

I love to write under pressure so tell anyone in the room what your aim is for that hour and then get them to check. It’s scary how much it can work. Guilt and shame are wonderful motivators.


Rosie Blake’s first novel, How to Get a (Love) Life, is published by Novelicious Books and is available to buy in e-book.

About Rosie:

Rosie spent her university years writing pantomimes based on old classics. The 2003 production of The Wizard of Odd: Search for the Ruby Strippers enjoyed critical acclaim. This was followed a year later with a successful showing of Harry Potter: The Musical (complete with moving opening number, In my Cupboard I will Stay). Rosie went on to write a winning short story in the La Senza/Little Black Dress Short Story Competition and was shortlisted in a few others including competitions run by Women and Home and The Daily Mail

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