Book Review: Texts From Dad: The Coronavirus Chronicles by Peter Barber

Texts From Dad: The Coronavirus Chronicles is an hilarious account detailing 57 days of corona virus lockdown by way of daily texts to his daughter that ended up going viral.

Bringing a smile by taking a different view. Introducing humour and leading the reader through a slow realisation that we have all been affected in the funniest ways if only we would stop to think about it.

Written by A technophobic old fart that has trouble programming a dishwasher who was pushed into writing a blog using modern technology during forced isolation. Funny, or insane? You decide.

Laugh at him, or with him. Either way, you will probably end up laughing at yourself too.

It’s always a sign that Christmas is coming when the 12 Days of Clink Street Publishing blog tour arrives and today, I am reviewing Texts From Dad: The Coronavirus Chronicles by Peter Barber.

This book details Peter’s life as he, along with the rest of the country, tries to navigate his way through the first national lockdown. With it being about this subject, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My first thought was how relatable I found it.

Peter is really great at commentating the thoughts of a nation. He has an interesting point of view and he is a natural story teller.

This book isn’t very long (138 pages.) It didn’t take me long to read but I was sad when it ended. I found so much of it absolutely hilarious.

The book is separated into column/blog post style chapters so you can read it chronologically or you can simply dip into it when you want cheering up. I laughed so many times and ended up reading a lot of it out loud to my husband when he asked what I was laughing at.

With 2020 being such a nasty year (and I will be pleased to see the back of it,) Texts From Dad: The Coronavirus Chronicles is the humorous perspective we so desperately needed. It’s a reminder that we need to keep our sense of humour – it’s the best way to get through a lockdown.

This book would be great for fans of Bill Bryson and Matt Beaumont’s ‘E.’

This would also make a perfect Christmas present. Just saying.


About Peter Barber… 

Peter Barber is a 63-year-old Company director and techno-phobic that has trouble programming a dishwasher.

He was pushed into writing a daily blog by his daughter using modern technology during forced corona-virus lock-down. These daily texts quickly became viral and spread to a worldwide readership.

Peter loves to make people laugh and sees humour in even the most mundane activities. New methods of greeting are discussed as handshakes are no longer fashionable. Worrying about what is classified as an essential item when out shopping and praying that it includes beer. Claims that 5G towers transmit Covid-19 are discussed and examined together with proposals that UV light combined with bleach injections could protect us from the virus.

Peter is a Carnivore with vegetarian tendencies. (Sometimes meat needs a garnish). BBQ enthusiast, Father to a wayward daughter, Husband to a fiery Greek philosopher and muse.

Owner of two unfit overweight dogs, hates walking, loves writing enjoys beer.

Peter is anti-Brexit and lives most of the time in Bedfordshire but spends as much time as possible in Greece for the weather and the company. (but mostly beer.)

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