Christmas Gift Guide 2023 – Ideas for Writers

It’s my favourite time of year again. National Novel Writing Month is done, the Christmas decorations are up and I’m singing Last Christmas very much out of tune. 

As both an avid reader and writer, I love getting related items and I wanted to share some gift ideas for the writer in your life. 


First up is a Writers Box. 

This Writers Box looks fantastic and seems to have everything a writer might need to assist them in a good session getting those words written.

It includes a handmade notebook, coaster, bookmark, miniature handmade book of quotes from famous writers about writing. a pen and some treats. It looks perfect.

You can order this via Etsy. 


Writing Workbook by Lucy Van Smit.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Writing workbook. It’s a perfect thing to have if the brain needs a little time to fire up and having a prompt will help. This book is one I’ve not come across before and it would be on my list for sure. 

This book aims to champion the journey a writer make take in their writing life. It asks the tricky questions, shares some secret practices, and inspires confidence. This isn’t a book about getting published, it’s about helping you find your writing voice, trust in your writing and creativity.

What about you? Do you like a good workbook? 

You can buy it via Amazon. 


Writing Magazine. 

If you’re looking to support the aspiring writer in your life, I don’t think you can go wrong with an annual subscription to The Writing Magazine. 

It’s full of advice, articles and as a physical magazine subscriber, the subscription also allows you to enter the monthly competitions at a discounted rate. I’ve been subscribed to this magazine for years and I won’t be without it. 

As well as competitions, it contains interviews with writers, advice and much more.

You can buy a subscription via their website. You can also buy a digital subscription through the Apple App Store and Google Play. 


The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands. 

Now this one has really intrigued me. First, it looks so pretty and well done. It looks like it would be a beautiful thing to display if you know what I mean. I’ve used Writing Maps by Shaun Levin which incidentally would make another great gift, and I’m not sure whether this book is like that but it looks very interesting and would make a unique gift. 

This map is an atlas of the journeys that writers make. Just that description alone makes me want this map. This product encompasses not only the maps that appear in their books but also the maps that inspired them. It includes authors like Philip Pullman who recounts a map he drew for one of his early novels and the wonderful Robert Macfarlane who reflects on his cartophilia.

There is a mass of images, maps envisaged in medieval times as well as maps of adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, nursery stories, literary classics and comics.

You can get it from Amazon. 


The Writer’s Block. 

Staying with the prompt theme, the final gift idea is a product I’ve had for years – The Writer’s Block by Jason Rekulak. It contains prompts, ideas – things to, well, help with writers block, 786 to be precise. It does what it says on the tin as they say. 

All you have to do is flip it open to any page to find an idea or a prompt for inspiration. Lots of the things in the book have come from the writing classes of novelists like Ethan Canin, Toni Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut. John Irving also explains why he likes to write the last sentence first.

This also has advice from editors and agents.

This would make a great stocking filler and I’ve found it’s very handy to have on hand on the desk for if you need just a little bit of inspiration. 

You can get this from The Literary Gift Company.


I hope you’ve found this gift guide useful and that it’s helped you decide what to get the writer in your life. 


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