Bella’s Scribblings: Which Sandwich Are You?

Bella OsborneApparently I’m a grilled cheese sandwich (English translation is toasted cheese sandwich) – seriously what is going on with the world?

Now I may just be having a grumpy day but just lately there seems to be so many questionnaires that people do online and then share the results to tell me all sorts of bizarre things for example: what song are you most like? Which Harry Potter character are you? How Swedish are you? What age are you going to live until? (How creepy is that one?) and a very long list of other auto generated random nonsense that lands on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

I have to admit that I am a little suckered in by it because I frequently find myself going “Oh, I wouldn’t have said she was a Pinot Grigio more like a Sancerre.” And then merrily wasting time choosing my favourite colour/90’s TV show/Online company/picture of something blue/Other such nonsense which is going to miraculously provide me with some incredible insight into my persona or more frighteningly into my future.

I know it is very easy to be distracted by the internet and a couple of minutes here and there does no harm, unless you are Katie Hopkins, but these questionnaires are getting sillier and more obscure. And who does one, gets to the punchline and goes “Knowing that has changed my life?” – Answer nobody! We can live without knowing the randomly generated answer to What Character would you play in a Disney Movie?*

Quite frankly I spend enough time wondering about the what ifs in life that I don’t need someone else to provide me with a list. And I know it is all twaddle (that is a great word by the way) so what makes us do it? Is it a desire to be accepted (so you can gloat with the other Harry Potters) is it affirmation we are seeking or perhaps a genuine insight into our inner make up? I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. Perhaps they are just there to waste a little more time and bring a wry smile to our faces when we find out the answer, even if the fact that they are pointless is as plain as grilled cheese.

*I got ‘The Funny Animal’- You may not be human, but that just means you are all the more awesome! Like Timon & Pumbaa or Flounder, you’re a burst of energy and an incredible friend. But more important, without you, there would be no happily ever after.

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Bella has just finished her first novel, Acting on Impulse, which earned her a runner-up place for the New Talent Award at the 2013 Festival of Romance. Every fortnight, Bella will be sharing her experiences and advice as a new author. She also has her own blog –

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Bella Osborne
Bella’s first novel, It Started at Sunset Cottage was released by Harper Impulse. She was a runner-up for the New Talent Award at the 2013 Festival of Romance and a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

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