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(L-R) Georgia Hill, Mick Arnold, Linn B Halton and Tora Williams

I went to an author/blogger meet up in Birmingham recently and I’d like to start by thanking the wonderful Kim Nash for not only taking the trouble to arrange it, but also for being such a gracious host; thank you Kim.

To those of you whom I didn’t get around to meeting, I’m sorry and, if like me, you’re down to go to the next one in London, I hope to at least be able to say hello and maybe share bookish experiences with you. I’ll be the one in the corner, looking not unlike a startled rabbit (but with slightly less hair).

Swift hello’s to a few that I did manage to meet, starting with the lovely Sue Moorcroft (always great to catch up) and the other members of her Facebook Team Moorcroft whose names I can recall. Louise Styles, hi and very good to meet and talk to you; Mark West, Sue told me about a short story you wrote (think it was yourself?) about someone with a foot fetish, thanks for the nightmares; Kim Nash, thanks again and very nice to put a person to the face. Bookaholic Holly, Georgia Hill, Janice Preston, Linn B Halton and undoubtedly others whose names I can only apologise for forgetting. Just think of a goldfish with amnesia and that’s me with names.

This was my first meet up of this kind and there are already two others this year that I’ve accepted the kind invitations to go to. If you’ve never been to one of these and you find an invite drop into your Facebook account, then I can honestly say that (assuming you’re either an author or blogger, or for that matter a keen reader) you won’t be in the company of such a warm and welcoming group of people – ever!


(L-R) Louise Styles, Kim Nash, Sue Moorcroft, Mick Arnold, and Mark West.


(L-R) Mick Arnold, Sue Moorcroft and Bookaholic Holly

I still describe myself as a ‘hopeful’ author until that day arrives where I get a publishing deal, and I’m a part-time blogger on this site (obviously a reader), so I consider myself fortunate to know so many genuine authors and always have a great time when I’m in their company. These events, actually, any events where I get the chance to talk to real authors, I find inspiring. Everyone who writes has those moments where nothing will flow from the pen (ok, keyboard) and there’s nothing quite like yapping away for a few hours with like-minded people to get the juices flowing again. I’m not actually, for once, in that frame of mind at the moment, but this event has made me determined to just keep going with my WIP. Who knows, I may even find out what I’m writing about now!

For those who are interested and are friends with me on Facebook, there are a few pictures I’ve posted up there. I’m afraid that you’ll have to put up with my mug in most of them, but you can always place your thumb over the screen.


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