Christmas – My 2016 Gift Guide For Writers

asos-agendaWith the days before Christmas creeping into single digits, it’s time to get those last-minute presents. It seems to have snuck up doesn’t it!
As someone who would love to write a book and continues to try, I am stupidly obsessed with any gift that is along the writing theme. Here are a few things I think would make excellent gifts for the writer in your life. Or, if you’re a writer yourself, something to suit you. After all, it is the law of Christmas present buying that you should buy something for yourself right?
(I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. I just think the items would make excellent gifts. OK, so I want all of these things too but that is not the point. Ha-ha.) If you’re needing some inspiration, I am hoping this list helps.

The first item/gift idea I found was this very cute Pink Agenda from Ohh Dear and is available via ASOS for £9.99. First it is pink so that is me pretty much sold.
It looks as though it is compact enough to fit into a handbag plus it is not date specific so you can begin to use it at pusheenany point in time you want to.
It’s a day a page. You have space for your daily objectives as well as appointments. There is even space for doodles.
This would suit a writer who loves lists and liked to be organised.

Next up is this very adorable Pusheen stationery set from John Lewis and is £9. Pusheen is so incredibly cute (I won’t mention that I thought Pusheen was a boy until someone corrected me.)
I am such a sucker for stationery sets such as this and would love it when I was still at school. Beginnings of term usually meant I could go out in search of sets like this. Yes, I am Laura and I love all things stationery.
This particular set contains an ‘I’m Busy’ notebook, a pen, pencils, highlighters, an eraser and a sharpener all presented in a plastic wallet. What I love most about sets like this is that it is fun and reminds you as such when you use it. If your writer is also a fan of Pusheen then this is a must have.

get-things-doneI couldn’t do a gift guide for writers and not include something from one of my favourite shops on the planet. This Get  Things Done journal is £8 from Paperchase.
The cover is so cute and it’s a hardcover so to me it feels like it would withstand being in a bag. Inside there are various to do list sections, daily planners and get it done pages as well as lined and gridded sheets for notes should you need to make any. There are fifty sheets (so one hundred pages,) and has an elasticated closure.
I feel this would be perfect for someone who takes on their novel in 2017.

Next up is this beautiful Moleskine limited edition stationery box featuring characters from Peanuts.
snoopy-moleskineI have this box and it really is gorgeous. There are six large, ruled journals each with eighty pages. There are three black and three in kraft and all feature a different Peanuts character on the front. It also contains stickers and postcards. The box comes in handy for storage after too. This is currently available at for £27.98. It’s perfect for writers and like me, a fan of Snoopy.

I’ve already featured some lovely notebooks but it is always handy to have a notepad nearby for when someone is in the middle of those writing sessions and they need to be using a pad of paper they can easily tear sheets from.
alice_pencils_1_1024x1024 alice_notepad_1_1024x1024This notepad has a quote (which is ‘sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,’ and artwork from Alice in Wonderland (on every page.)
It’s so pretty. I am love with it. It’s £3.25 for fifty sheets from The Literary Emporium.
This is ideal for notes, jotting down ideas or making a to do list. If I had one of these, I could see me keeping it by the bed for if I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that I need to write down.
You could pair this with these very cute 2B pencils from the same website. These are also Alice in Wonderland themed and the set is £5.50. Embossed quotes include ‘off with their heads,’ ‘curiouser and curiouser,’ ‘we’re all mad here,’ which is my personal favourite and ‘drink me.’ This set comes with an illustration card. I love these. Wants!
If Harry Potter is more your thing, this notebook set is also available from the Literary Emporium. I adore this novel-teas limited_edition_magic_notebooks_1_1024x1024second edition magic notebook set and this is on my Christmas list for sure.
Containing subjects inspired by Hogwarts, they are A5 and have a vintage feel to the covers. The size would fit comfortably in a handbag or a messenger bag. This particular set is £10 but is limited edition.

If you wanted to get someone something a little different, you could gift tea to the writer in your life with this brilliant novel teas packet from
This box contains twenty five bags of English breakfast tea and these are all individually tagged with literary quotes. This box is £7.90 but you can get a smaller pouch containing five bags of tea for £1.90 each.

careful-or-you-ll-end-up-in-my-next-novel-notebook-50804-p_e04f4e21-a354-4950-9fad-c7303de5ab25 lined_paper_mug_2_1024x1024If you’re buying the tea for someone then they will need a mug. There is this lined paper mug for £10.99 from the Literary Gift  Company.
As well as being a collector of notebooks, I have many mugs too (much to my husband’s annoyance.) I really like this one and I think it’s great for writers. There’s a margin line and the inside of the mug is yellow. It’s quite unusual. Writing and tea is my ritual. This would be good for someone who is similar.
If you’d like to completely kit this person out, there is this notebook also from the Literary Gift Company. This is the ‘Careful or you might end up in my next novel’ observational notebook. I really love this notebook so much. There is one hundred and sixty blank pages and it also has an elastic closure and pen holder. This would be perfect for all those creative ideas. Speaking of pens, they also sell this 1000 words a day with pen for £1.50. Orange with black ink, it would look quite smart with the notebook I think.



Finally, the last item I wanted to share is also a notebook but this one can be personalised. It’s the Bright Ideas Personalised notebook. It’s available from Getting Personal from £6.99. It’s ring bound (so easy to rip pages out if needed,) and has a glossy cover so it looks quite durable.
You are given a certain amount of space to put in personalisation. This would make a very thoughtful gift for any writer.

I hope this list has helped inspire. It certainly has for me.

(Prices correct at time of publication.)


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