My Favourites: Christmas Movies

scroogedChristmas is only a few days away. I can’t hardly believe it. This time of year is probably my favourite.

I love being able to snuggle up in warm pyjamas and slippers. The Christmas Tree, twinkle lights. I love it all. I even love the repeated Christmas music.

One of my traditions is watching Christmas themed movies (not that I need much of an excuse.) With it being the festive season, it got me thinking about which films I can’t have Christmas without. The danger with a question like this is that I could have gone on forever so, because I don’t like making things easy for myself, I have limited it to five. So, in no particular order, here are my favourites.


Scrooged (1985)

Staring Bill Murray and Karen Allen, this is my favourite adaptation of the Christmas Carol. It’s a film that has been part of my Christmas for a long time and it never gets old. At the beginning, Frank Cross is so easy to hate. He is horrible to everyone around him and oblivious to the needs of others.

There are some aspects to the story that have been adjusted or added to this film which keeps it fresh.

There are some laugh out loud moments, some heart-breaking moments (Norman,) and by the end, I’m always humming along with the cast when they sing ‘Put A Little Love in Your Heart.’

For me, it’s one of the perfect Christmas films.


holidayThe Holiday (2006).

This film focuses on two women who need to get out of their comfort zone and decide to swap lives over Christmas.

Awwwww, I adore this film. The four main cast members are just fantastic in this festive film about two women who are looking to escape their every day life and prove that going somewhere else for a while can be the best thing you ever do.

I have completely fallen in love with both houses for a start and would be hard pushed to be able to pick one if I was told that I could live in either Rosehill cottage or Amanda’s house.

Jude and Jack make lovely heroes. It’s funny, this is my favourite role of Jack Black’s and it’s not the kind of role he usually takes. I wish there was more Miles and Iris in this movie.

Plus, it came out a year before I got married to the day so it will always be a little bit special.


nativityNativity (2009)

This stars Martin Freeman and is such a sweet film. I am always impressed that it was mostly improvised and some of the kids are hilarious. There is something very original about this film. I will always cry at the end no matter how many times I see it. I can’t help it.

This movie brings back memories of when I was an angel in my school nativity ( I know, strange casting decision right. Haha.)

This film above all makes me feel festive and can put me in the best of moods.


love actuallyLove Actually. (2003)

This focuses on connected couples in London on the run up to Christmas.

A predicable choice I know. I get the feeling that this film is a little marmite. You either love it (like me) or hate it.

I can never get enough of this movie. It has romance, humour and Christmas. What more could I ask for. I don’t think there is a character I don’t like.

I can’t watch it now without feeling so sad about Liam Neeson’s character in light of real life events.

There is a continuity error that will forever drive me crazy but nothing could stop me from watching this and loving it every year.


Santa Claus: The Movie. (1985)

santa clausA man and his wife are chosen to become Santa and Mrs Claus. When one of the elves decides he needs to prove himself, Santa finds himself in competition with him and a devilish toymaker.

For me, this is an absolute classic and should always be viewed over the festive season. Dudley Moore is fantastic, as is David Huddleston as Santa.

The Super Dooper Looper has me smiling every time even though it is completely improbable.

John Lithgow is perfect as the villain.

Yes, the effects aren’t great and it’s cheesy but I can’t have Christmas without this movie.

Before I go, I wanted to list some films that didn’t make it into my top five. However, I feel that they deserve an honourable mention…. Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The latter especially as it’s set in one of my favourite cities in the world.

The Polar Express is magical even if the man on the top of the train is extremely creepy.

Miracle on 34th Street is another favourite. The scene where David Attenbourgh’s Santa talks sign language to the little girl floors me every time.

Arthur Christmas is so sweet and finally, Christmas With the Kranks. It’s cheesy but it’s a great Christmas film.


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