The Manhattan Puzzle by Laurence O’ Bryan

manhattan puzzleChris reviews The Manhattan Puzzle by Laurence O’ Bryan (published by Avon, October 2013.) 

The story follows Isabel Ryan in her attempt to find and free her husband, Sean Ryan, who has been framed for murder by the top American Bank he works for so as to cover up some very mysterious goings on. Isabel’s journey to solve the puzzle Ryan was working on will take her from her home in London to caverns under Manhattan Island.

I enjoyed the book. Although there are two books which precede this one, The Istanbul Puzzle and The Jerusalem Puzzle, it isn’t necessary for the reader to have read them to understand this book. There are references to things from the other books but they are explained within their required context, allowing the book to sit on its own. Similar in style to Dan Brown, Laurence O’Brian writes a well paced story which keeps drawing you on with its short chapters and regular cliffhangers, maintaining the readers interest while not bogging them down with unnecessary subplots.

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Chris Parish

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