My Writing Ramblings: My March Favourites

I know we’re already in the middle of April but I wanted to share some of my March favourites, especially as we are all stuck inside and if you, like me, are looking for recommendations, then posts like this are perfect. 

Without further ado, let’s get into my favourites.

My favourite show that I’ve recently watched is The Stranger.

This is based from a book by Harlen Coben. I had heard so many people talking about this TV show both on and off social media. I had also throughly enjoyed Safe which was another adaptation done for Netflix.

I did worry that the hype was going to ruin The Stranger but I need not have worried.

Richard Armitage plays the husband of a woman who disappears under suspicious circumstances after he has confronted her with a secret, disclosed by someone he has never met before.

That’s all I will say about the plot but what follows are many twists and turns which resulted in me trying to guess what was coming and completely failing.

I throughly recommend it especially if you can binge all the episodes. The theme song is such an ear worm too.


The app I have been enjoying the most is Disney+. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, then you will know how big of a Disney fan I am despite being in my late thirties. I have no regrets. Hahaha. It was inevitable that this was going to end up on my favourites list.

I had been incredibly excited and impatient for this app, especially as it had already launched in the US. I was just about stopping short of marking off the days in my diary until it’s launch and I have not been off it much since. I love the fact that I can access it from my Sky Q box.

I am seeing films listed that I have not seen for years. It is going to be easier to complete my Disney watch list that’s for sure.

I know that it means an additional subscription but I feel it’s worth it. Not only have you got movies and TV shows, there’s a lot of behind the scenes and short films too. Also, Star Wars and Marvel if you’re a fan (I am more of a fan of the latter if I am honest.)


As usual, I found it quite hard to pick a favourite book for March. I enjoyed all the novels I had the chance to read. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be The River Home by Hannah Richell.

There was something about this book that drew me in to the point where I couldn’t stop reading. The plot was incredibly poignant, heartbreaking and yet life affirming at the same time.

It focuses on the Sorrells who have all gathered for a last-minute wedding in the ramshackle family home in Somerset. Lucy, the bride, is desperate to reunite a fractured family, Eve is trying to keep her perfect life together whilst Margot left eight years earlier under a dark cloud. She may be forced to come face to face with her dark past.

I recommend having tissues or a cat/dog to cuddle nearby. By the end, I couldn’t control the crying.


The writing resource I have been loving the most this month is Goodnotes. This app allows you to access annotated PDF’s and along with the Apple Pencil and iPad, I can write directly onto the tablet which means all my notes are in the same place. It’s also now available for iMac.

You can also change brushes and colours so it makes it perfect for note taking and I have been planning my novel with it.

It’s a little strange not to be using a traditional notebook and pen but on the plus side, it’s a lot lighter when carrying my notes around.

(N.B: I haven’t completely abandoned notebooks though. I can’t. I still use one for non book related things. It just means that I am hoarding notebooks in both paper and digital form.)


With the arrival of Disney+, it also meant that I could finally watch Frozen II.

I had meant to see this at the cinema but something came up every time I tried to go. Very frustrating. I loved the first movie and hoped this one would live up to that.

Having now watched it, the first one is still my favourite. However, the second one had many funny moments and I adored ‘Into The Unknown.’ I could watch Olaf and Sven all day to be honest.

This was still my favourite movie in March and I am looking forward to watching Onward, which is their latest release.


My final favourite for March are the fabulous people at National Novel Writing Month. Not only have they been filming videos to assist with writing but they have also been sending #selfcare e-mails too. These include a creative prompt, one for physical wellbeing and there’s also a social suggestion too (something that you can do to keep in touch with family and friends during quarantine.)

I know that, with being home every day right now, I sometimes forget to be kind to myself but the folks at NaNoWriMo have our backs and remind us to take care of ourselves.

If you want to receive these emails, go to and sign up there. Visit for their videos.


What have been your favourites over the last few weeks? Let me know in the comments.

(I have received no money in return for mentioning the items mentioned above. I just love them.)


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