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EED89F30-BC08-4356-A566-41594D869EB5I am so happy to be welcoming Laura Briggs to the blog today. Hello. Thank you so much for joining me. Your book is called A Wedding in Cornwall. Can you tell me about it and what inspired it?

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for letting me share with your readers about my series of books. This all begin in 2016 when I penned the romance novella A Wedding in Cornwall about an American event planner who finds a new life—and true love—when she moves across the Pond to work at a beautiful Cornish manor house. Readers were so enthusiastic for my heroine Julianne’s adventures in Cornwall that the series ended up continuing for a total of twelve books! Now, as the series celebrates its second year anniversary, readers can buy novellas 7-12 in one special book bundle.


What are the challenges and best bits about being a writer? 

Hmmthe challenges for me would be getting the words I type to match the idea in my mind. When I first think of a plot for a book it’s kind of like seeing a movie trailer—all the highlights are easy to picture in that moment. But then, when I get into the finer details and the actual writing it can be hard to find the idea’s full potential sometimes. So that’s definitely a big challenge in my writing. As for the best bits? Connecting with book bloggers and fellow authors and hearing that readers enjoy my work!


What’s your step by step process when planning a novel? 

I almost always make an outline. It can be detailed with scene by scene descriptions or it can be as simple as just a list of events that need to happen in the story. But I hardly ever just wing it—I need to have at least a rough idea where I’m going!


What elements do you feel need to be there to make a good novel? 

Engaging characters are pretty important to me as a reader. Even if they aren’t the most likeable or sympathetic type, I do need to find them interesting!


What’s your approach to editing? 

I usually try to put aside the finished manuscript for a few days. Then, I try to look at it from a reader’s point of view. It’s not easy to see your own work objectively, of course, but it does help to find initial problems with the story.


What is your favourite word and why? 

Oh, wow! I never thought about this before. I don’t think I could choose just one really. I do, however, find it interesting when reading an old book to stumble upon old slang or favourite sayings that went out of style.


Do you have any advice to someone going through writer’s block? 

Take a break! That is, take a step back from the project for a little while and do something else. I find the solution I need often comes to me when I’m doing something away from the computer, whether it’s working in my garden, listening to music in a relaxing environment, or even just doing the dishes.




Which fictional character would you like to meet? 

This is such a hard question! Mostly because I’m now picturing the disastrous events that took place in the TV miniseries Lost in Austen, LOL! But if I did have the chance to meet with a fictional character I would probably choose a classic sleuth like Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple—they would have such interesting stories to share over tea, after all!


What common mistakes do new writers make do you think? 

I think providing too much backstory at the beginning is one of the most common ones, since there’s often a fear of confusing the reader with too little information or maybe not painting enough details to suspend their disbelief.


Do you have any other advice for new writers? 

Just to keep writing—and reading of course!


Laura briggsAbout A Wedding in Cornwall (Books 7—12)

The last six novellas in the UK bestselling series A WEDDING IN CORNWALL are now available in one collection! Join American event planner Julianne in her final set of adventures ‘across the pond’ in beautiful Cornwall. From celebrity sightings to a local talent show, from a charming village fete to a secret Cornish garden, there’s never a dull moment for Julianne and her Poldark-esque true love Matthew in the quaint village of Ceffylgwyn.

 This collection contains A Romance in Cornwall, A Star in Cornwall, A Sewing Circle in Cornwall, A Talent Show in Cornwall, An American in Cornwall, and A Garden in Cornwall. Exclusive bonus materials include a sneak peek of the author’s all-new 2019 Cornish romance series!

To purchase this novel, click here. 


About Laura:

Laura Briggs is the author of several lighthearted romance novels and novellas, including the bestselling Amazon UK series A Wedding in Cornwall.

She has a fondness for vintage-style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, caring for her pets, going to movies and plays, and trying new restaurants.


Say hi to Laura on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaperDollWritesFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlaurabriggs/ and her website, https://paperdollwrites.blogspot.com/


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I’m Laura. I started Novel Kicks in 2009. I wanted a place to post my writing as well as give other writers like me the opportunity to do the same. There is also a monthly book club, a writing room which features writing prompts, book reviews, competitions, author interviews and guest posts.

I grew up by the sea (my favourite place in the world) and I currently live in Hampshire. I am married to Chris, have a cat named Buddy and I would love to be a writer. I’m trying to write the novel I’ve talked so much about writing if only I could stop pressing delete. I’ve loved writing since creative writing classes in primary school. I have always wanted to see my teacher Miss Sayers again and thank her for the encouragement. When not trying to write the novel or writing snippets of stories on anything I can get my hands on, I love reading, dancing like a loon and singing to myself very badly. My current obsession is Once Upon a Time and I would be happy to live with magic in the enchanted forest surrounded by all those wonderful stories provided that world also included Harry Potter. I love reading chick lit. contemporary fiction and novels with mystery.

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