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UK cover (Avon, Jan 2015.)

Curvy Girls Club UK eBook cover

US cover.

A huge welcome to Michele Gorman who is visiting our blog today as part of her blog tour for her new novel, The Curvy Girls Club. Today, Michele shares with us her inspiration behind her book:

Lots of people have asked me where the idea for The Curvy Girls Club came from and, as with most of my books, it began with a question.

I was talking to my mum, who’d just said “It’s easy for you, you’re skinny.”

“I’m not skinny,” I said. “I’m normal.”

She smiled. “Honey, look around you. You’re not normal. We are.”

That got me thinking about labels. What’s “normal”? Does it mean the norm? If so then Mum was right, “overweight” is normal. We use words like skinny and fat as judgmental words, when really, they’re just adjectives. They shouldn’t have negative, or positive, connotations, any more than words like tall or short, black, white or brown. So I aimed to write something to make people feel good about themselves in the hopes that we can stop allowing the judgments of others to affect us.

We’d never treat our best friend the way we treat ourselves. We don’t think her body or her face is the most important thing about her. We’re not her friend because she looks good in a dress. We love her for a million other reasons, because she’s kind, funny, supportive and smart, would never steal our boyfriend and always asks how our day was. So if we wouldn’t measure her worth using scales or mirrors, isn’t it crazy to measure our own that way?

That’s the book’s central message: be happy in your own skin.


The Curvy Girls Club was published by Avon on 15th January 2015. It’s available in paperback and e-book formats. Click to view it on Amazon UK and Amazon US. For a daily dose of loveliness, The Curvy Girls Club is on Facebook. It’s also on Twitter.

We reviewed The Curvy Girls Club. Click here to read. 

Michele-Gorman-006A little about Michele: 

Michele is American and who now lives in London. She is the author of The Single in the City series as well as Weightless and Bella Summer Takes a Chance. She is also a co-founder of Notting Hill Press as well as the creator of the real Curvy Girls Club blog. You can follow her on Twitter or visit her lovely website:


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